Critical Super Silver Haze Pre Rolls

These expertly crafted pre-rolls are convenient, discreet, and rolled with premium milled flower to produce an even, consistent burn. With a mid-range THC potential of 16% and minimal amounts of CBD, Critical Super Silver Haze is the result of crossing two magnificent specimens: Super Silver Haze and Critical Mass. This results in a sativa-dominant hybrid that is ideal for daytime use.

Critical Super Silver Haze is a lovely purple-coloured plant that’s densely coated with trichomes and has a slightly sweet and citrusy aroma. Imagine incense and mentholated wood with a hint of pungent varnish. This strain is grown indoors by Canna Farms and features a terpene mix of linalool, beta- and trans-caryophyllene, limonene, and myrcene. So grab a 1g pre-roll and save for whenever your day could use an uplift!





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