CannMartPink Kush Pre Rolls

Enjoy an array of sweet nectary aromas delicately underlined by earthy and herbal tones which make for a delicious smoking experience. These pre-rolls contain the finest flower from the crop Pink Kush, each joint is carefully crafted to produce a long lasting and even burning joint thats smooth on the inhale as it is with the exhale. This variety carries a total THC content of 20% – 25%, so watch out and don’t get too dazed.

Pre-rolls are an awesome way to stay on a high note quickly and easily without having to worry about rolling up. Every long day can meet its match as soon as one of these beauties enters the room and takes your stress away.


20-25 %
0-1 %


Full Body
1 hour


A medical cannabis brand, CannMart gives patients access to high-quality cannabis. As Canada’s first licensed distributor, they offer over 25 products from the following brands: Weed Me, Mediwanna, Dutch Passion, Agmedica, GTEC, Supreme, and Canveda. CannMart is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Namaste, a leading online platform for cannabis products. Their vision is to create the ultimate cannabis marketplace through all of Namaste’s platforms.

  • Offering quality prescription cannabis online.
  • Medically focused cannabis company ensuring high-quality products.
  • Majority owned by one of Canada’s leading cannabis brands, Namaste.

Offering online shopping for their top-class cannabis products through their E-commerce website, their focus is to provide people with safe, reliable and legal cannabis.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto