CannMartWhite Shark Pre Rolls

Produced as a consequence of breeding between indiginous strains such as Super Skunk, Brazillian and South Indian strains to create what we all know as the White Shark variety. This crop is a high-THC bearing, sativa forward cultivar which also displays some indica characteristics from its ancestral lineage in Brazil and South India.

White Shark showcases a potency potential of 17% – 19% THC which is likely to induce an uplift in energy and mood, suitable for those DIY projects you’ve been meaning to finish and general for relaxation. The phenotype produces bright green buds with subtle amber hues along with tangy citrus aromas underlined by sweet tones.


17-19 %
0-1 %


Full Body
1 hour


A medical cannabis brand, CannMart gives patients access to high-quality cannabis. As Canada’s first licensed distributor, they offer over 25 products from the following brands: Weed Me, Mediwanna, Dutch Passion, Agmedica, GTEC, Supreme, and Canveda. CannMart is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Namaste, a leading online platform for cannabis products. Their vision is to create the ultimate cannabis marketplace through all of Namaste’s platforms.

  • Offering quality prescription cannabis online.
  • Medically focused cannabis company ensuring high-quality products.
  • Majority owned by one of Canada’s leading cannabis brands, Namaste.

Offering online shopping for their top-class cannabis products through their E-commerce website, their focus is to provide people with safe, reliable and legal cannabis.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto