Edison ReserveLa Strada Pre roll by Edison

With variety comes choice and these tasty, cone-shaped pre-rolls should not be overlooked. Another marvellous product from Edison Cannabis Co. utilizing their proprietary La Strada variety strain. All pre-rolls are crafted with care to ensure even-burning and precise quantities of 0.5 grams in each joint.

La Strada is a sativa derived hybrid crop offering a THC potential of up to 17%. Its rich terpene profile consisting primarily of Alpha-Pinene, Humulene, Limonene and Myrcene gives this variety a pungent forest berry aromas with sweet and tangy natural undertones.

Enjoy these pre-roll by kicking back and lighting up – no rolling, no mess, no problem. Don’t worry about missing that gorgeous sunset with one of these conveniently in your pocket!


17 %
1.99 %


Full Body
1 hour

Edison Reserve

They’re not just cultivating cannabis, they’re cultivating genius. Edison screams intelligence, and so the name choice fits like a glove for Edison Reserve. Offering high quality, indoor-grown produce that comes from years of experience, the team is always on the ball. Receiving the best care from tender hands, Edison’s plants are craft-cured — meaning that flowers can breathe for longer, giving the plant that real distinct scent and flavor.

  • Plants are treated by hand, from seed to flower.
  • Cannabis oils are available in sativa, indica, hybrid, CBD, and 5:5.

Creating 25,000 pre-rolls a day, your friend is out of a rolling job. They also have a dual humidity pack, keeping it fresh right from the get-go. Now that’s genius!

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto