The Boss (Delahaze) Pre Rolls

These ones are for the days where you’ve absolutely owned it and feel like a total boss! This should be celebrated in the right way, by sparking up one of these The Boss Pre-rolls and kicking back like Tony Soprano with a big cigar, feet on table top, shades on. This variety is a sativa forward strain that produces a THC profile of 14% – 17% THC that is sure to hit the spot, but if it doesn’t you’ll always have another conveniently pre-rolled.

The flower is grown and harvested in an indoor-greenhouse where the plant is hand-curated and then machine-trimmed and manually finished to produce succulent and crisp nugs. The strain expels tangy and zesty aromatics upon grind and combustion which can be attributed to beta-caryophyllene, limonene and myrcene.





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