FlowrBC Durga Mata 2 CBD Pre Rolls

With a larger dose of CBD, in conjunction with a lower dose of THC this balance of cannabinoids offers all the relief CBD offers without becoming overwhelmingly high. Containing an impressive CBD content of 8.5% with only 7% THC with a close ratio of 1:1! Composed of 90% indica and 10% sativa genetics. With beautiful spicy and earthy notes in the flavour this strain offers a calming, smooth and relaxing experience. Reminiscent of rich dark chocolate with a mentholy mint taste offering a long lasting relaxing effect.


7 %
8.5 %


Full Body
1 hour


Wake up and smell the roses. Flowr is here to fix your indecisiveness with the future of cannabis. With some of the best brains behind cannabinoid research, the team is able to cultivate top-quality products for you to enjoy. Embraced among the striking hills and lakes of Okanagan Valley, the valley exposes beauty to its nature like no other — and cannabis plants are no exception.

  • State of the art facilities for cultivation and refinement.
  • One of the most successful cultivation teams in Canada.

With their pharma-grade cannabis, you can expect Flowr’s buds to be in pristine quality. The team is dedicated to cannabis research and development, using genetics, breeding, and nutrient information to create stand-out plants.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto