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Naked Pre-Roll

LEUNE’s Naked products are sourced from a true hybrid grown in reliable and extremely professional California-based farms. Naked Tangie is a high terpene seasonal hybrid strain with an equally high THC potency. This pre-roll is perfectly portioned at 0.6 g of carefully curated full flower sourced from sustainable harvests that make for an evenly balanced high.

  • 16% THC
  • 0.6 g of ground full-flower cannabis per joint

A total amount of THC that provides a potent yet relaxing and creative high. The terpene profile from Naked Tangie includes Limonene that gives it a citrusy feel, Myrcene for the earthiness, and Terpinolene for the herbal touch. There’s nothing like this professionally rolled joint made with a top-notch ground flower to lift the spirits.




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