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Sol Berry Pre-RollLEUNE

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If you’re into strawberry rhubarb, then prepare to be impressed by a true hybrid origin smoke that provides a clear-headed and relaxed sensation. But not relaxed enough to impair you, in fact, LEUNE’s Sol Berry is the mother of social mood boosts. This one in particular comes with a taste as sweet as candy, with notes of strawberry and hints of rhubarb that provide a well-balanced high.

  • 19.5% THC
  • 0.6 g of ground full-flower cannabis per joint

The strawberry shortcake flavor combines with a slightly herbal aroma to fill you with feelings of focused euphoria and energy. This product is also a great option to seek immediate pain relief with a high that is kept at a medium level. Sol Berry Pre-Roll is a packed joint made with 0.6 g of premium ground flower and finished off with a crutch filter that helps filter out the carefully curated full flower sourced from sustainable farms that was used in the product.



19.5 %


Full Body
2 hours

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto