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Alpine Breeze Pre Rolls

Sounds like a floral scent spray, right? Well not quite a spray, but the aroma is comparable. Alpine Breeze has an array of beautiful floral buds made up of bright eye catching mint green rosettes that fade into pine green edges. Sugary resin coats the buds with protruding peach hairs. All wrapped up and expertly pre roll – right for your very convenience.

The flavours and aromas of Alpine Breeze are bursting with fruitful guava, lime and passionfruit that come alive through the weave of terpenes. This Indica dominant strain is best enjoyed after a long day for that switch to relaxation.

Alpine Breeze is a proprietary high potency strain with 22% THC and less than 1% CBD, this product is designed for experienced consumers. So cheer up and relax your worries away, sink into a nice unwinding high that will have you drifting off to a very pleasant sleep.





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