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Pacific Star Pre Rolls

Reach for the stars with Peak Leaf’s highly potent strain, Pacific Star! Calming with highly sedative effects, this is perfect for chilling on the couch after a hard day. Pre rolled, this offers you the ease of an expertly rolled joint there and ready for you as and when you choose to use it with zero fuss.

However it’s not all boring! This interesting strain does deliver energy when it comes to mood enhancement, bringing on feelings of happiness and euphoria!
Pale coloured buds are contrasted with dark red brown hairs, giving off scents of deep earth and citrus lime for a refreshing taste, satisfying to any palate.

With 22% THC and less than 1% CBD, Pacific Star is designed for users who would like to relax but still have fun, which is ideal really for group situations. So why not chill with friends, take out a pack, relax and share.





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