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Scott’s OG is part of a family of Cannabis Cup winners, its origins are a cross of Triangle Kush and Rare Darkness #1. As an Indica dominant strain it possesses great relaxing effects, for an ease both in body and mind. Scott’s OG is a highly potent strain, with 22-26% THC and almost no CBD; this is best suited for those with experience in cannabis products.

Available in full sized pre rolls, users have the freedom to just light and enjoy with no mess or fuss. The strain gives off an earthy lemon flavour with a pungent scent. Excellent in enhancing your mood and cerebral effects are predominantly uplifting. Scotts OG is ideal for individuals that want to feel upbeat without becoming hyperactive, best used in the evening.


22-26 %
0-1 %


Full Body
1 hour

Rare Dankness Label

Based in Colorado, Rare Dankness has some of the most sought after genetics that cannabis can offer. Officially founded in 2010, the team has been working tirelessly before — over three decades collectively. What they’ve concocted is pure bliss, from their packaging right down to their seeds.

  • Offers discreet packaging in a small black box.
  • Have won numerous awards for top-quality cannabis.

Working with the world’s best strains, Rare Dankness is, well, rare dank. With seven strains to choose from — including indica, sativa, and hybrid — you’re dealing with some of the finest products out there.

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