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Cloud Berry DisposableLEUNE

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LEUNE’s Cloud Berry vape and smoke products come with an enticingly sweet flavor of ripe berries, thick clouds, and smooth inhales. This indica-leaning hybrid vape disposable made with cannabinoid-rich cannabis oil is the perfect way to get your ‘focus hat’ on and ready for a day that needs an uplifted spirit and a brainstorming attitude. Cloud Berry products have bold notes of blackberry and hints of tart lemon that instigate ‘happy’ and push for chill.

  • 79% THC
  • Full-spectrum cannabis extraction
  • 250 mg per vape pen

Although the effects can be euphoric, there is also a portion of users that crash on the couch after prolonged usage. If used for a few quick hits, then Cloud Berry is the perfect daytime and on-the-go type of product. Made with high-quality cannabinoid-rich cannabis extract that keeps the THC content high and consistent between batched for this incredibly convenient disposable vape pen.

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79 %


Full Body
3 hours

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto