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MunchMakers Nhale-Custom 510 Thread Rechargeable Vape Battery is the ideal choice for vaping gadgets that need a detachable battery. 

With an impressive 380mAh capacity, this rechargeable battery ensures you have a full day’s worth of charge to keep your vaping uninterrupted. Plus, its adjustable voltage levels of 2.7, 3.4, and 4.2 allow you to find the perfect setting for your preferred vaping hit.

Made with top-quality aluminum, the Nhale-Custom Rechargeable Vape Battery boasts a 510-thread connector and comes complete with a USB charger cable.This guarantees its adaptability to a diverse array of pre-filled oily carts, wax vape pen cartridges, essential oil cartridges, and delta 8 vape cartridges. Each battery measures 0.45” x 3.5” for that unique slim fit design. 

Ready to upgrade your vaping experience? Let the Nhale-Custom 510 Thread Rechargeable Vape Battery power your favorite vaping juices every day!

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