The Best Dispensaries In Downtown Phoenix

The first locations stoners look for when visiting a city are a fast food joint and a good dispensary. Here are the 5 best dispensaries in downtown Phoenix.

It’s funny how a couple of years ago, in movies, news, or journals, the place where people got their weed was always a dark, sketchy place in a dangerous neighborhood. They made us think that buying some weed was the most traumatic and risky thing you could do.

Nowadays, we have places like the Giving Tree, a huge store that looks like a zen garden. You can feel comfortable and welcomed at The Mint, where you can indulge in sexy and delicious infused food to get killer high. 

Both these places, and the rest on the list, can be found in downtown Phoenix. The Valley of the Sun is a great place to visit, maybe even better if a little high. While you are in town, check out the best dispensaries in downtown Phoenix.  

Sol Flower

Sol Flower is the perfect example of a Cannabis family. Sol Flower specializes in curating the best products, and their staff makes you feel at home.

This impressive dispensary has various locations all around Phoenix, Arizona. They provide a customized experience for the client in a secure setting. Fortunately, at Sol Flower, every employee is educated to pay attention to clients’ interests and offer goods that meet their demands.

Since 2020, when cannabis use for adult recreational purposes became legal in Arizona, many people have made the decision to experiment with this mystical plant. Sol Flower provides both recreational marijuana and medical advice since they are aware of the advantages that marijuana can have for some people. Veterans, seniors, and FA card members can receive discounts in addition to their regular offerings.

Giving Tree

Giving Tree stores may have one of the most beautiful designs when talking about dispensaries. Located just north of Phoenix’s downtown, this outstanding local has a very minimalistic design with a lot of plants and is full of useful information for customers. 

At Giving Tree, you can find everything you need if you are a regular cannabis consumer. For new ones, they offer all the advice you need for a perfect first experience. They offer all types of high-quality cannabis products: pre-rolls, edibles, oils, CBD, concentrates, and more. One of Giving Tree´s specialties is the wide variety of topicals available. 


With three store locations in Phoenix and another 139 all over the US, Curaleaf is one of the biggest dispensaries in the country. But wait, there is more. 

Not only do they focus on the distribution of cannabis, but they also grow their own. Their stores may not be as fancy as others, but they keep high-quality standards in safety, personal preparation, product quality, and great customer service. All Curaleaf personnel are qualified to help you find the perfect product.

Thanks to the great growth of the company, they have a wide variety of flowers that they have cultivated by themselves. They also have a creative team that developed numerous cannabis products in addition to the flower they sell. 


The Mint

With three different locations in Phoenix, The Mint is one of the largest dispensaries in Arizona. Leadeading the medicinal and recreational cannabis market. They offer a wide selection of products, including Pre-rolls, flowers, oils, and extracts. Additionally, they own America´s first kitchen dedicated to cannabis-infused food called The Mint Café.

Located south of downtown Phoenix, The Mint Café has an amazing menu full of infused food that is cooked specially for each client. They have medical food that contains 250 mg up to 1000 mg, and recreational food that contains 25 mg up to 100mg. 


They offer hot food and fresh baked goods, and here are some examples:

  • Burgers
  • Street Tacos
  • Pizzas
  • Chicken Wings
  • Wraps
  • Salads

All dishes are made to order and taken to go for at-home consumption. A perfect alternative for those who avoid combustion while smoking and also want a good, delicious meal. They also offer custom cakes and cheesecakes for special occasions.

Nirvana Center

Nirvana Center is not like any other dispensary. They work under one mantra “Enjoy it”. They’re always putting the customer experience first. 

This doesn’t only relate to a cannabis experience but to life itself. Yes, they offer a lot of high-quality products, but their mission is to offer a life-changing experience based on cannabis. 

In their stores, you are going to find not only a beautiful location but all the spaces needed for you to have the perfect experience. Nirvana Center is Located in Downtown Phoenix. Founded in 2016, this group family-owned dispensary focuses its attention not only on distribution but also cultivation and investigation. 

Their main goal is to guide each customer through their experience and teach basic knowledge of marijuana. Each location offers an experience of tranquility and wellness and a wide variety of products that can fit every person’s needs.

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