How to Roll a Dollar Sign Joint | HERB Rolligami with Cody van Gogh


Nothing will get you noticed faster at a party than smoking a joint this extravagant.

Charlie Tetiyevsky

You’re probably not a member of the Wu-Tang Clan (or you might be, there’s a lot of people in the Wu-Tang Clan) but you should still be getting that dolla dolla bill y’all. And what’s second best after getting the paper? Rolling papers. So grab your Raws or Zig Zags and grind up some bud, because with this dollar sign joint you’ll be the coolest kid at the party.

Now, this is doable, but it takes a bit of finesse as Cody Van Gogh showed HERB. Van Gogh is the master of rolling creative joints and a member of the National Joint League, a group of people dedicated to the art of rolling up gorillas and three ounces, 13-inch Iron Man joints.

Rolling two joints with the two-inch “king size” paper will seem like a breeze once you’re tasked with putting together the 12-inch joint required for this piece of art. But who among us hasn’t seen a Cheech and Chong movie and wished they too had a foot-long joint to smoke? Exactly. Van Gogh shows us an easy cheat to rolling a long joint: wrapping the paper around a couple of dowels to form the cone, into which weed is then funneled. It’s a technique that could be useful if you’re looking to make a bunch of evenly sized, normal-length joints.

The shorter joints are threaded onto the longer one, and with the help of some spears and cellophane, you can bend the long joint into its S shape. The result is a crazy-looking dollar sign rollie, with two mouthpieces and three ends to light. It might not be a paycheck, but it’ll still get you noticed.

Charlie Tetiyevsky