A cannabis cigar, or cannagar, is one of the richest and most exotic methods of consuming cannabis, combining rare ingredients with complicated construction. Take a look at this step-by-step guide to show you the way.

What You’ll Need

Supplies Can You Roll A Cannagar?
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  • Hemp rope
  • Bamboo skewers
  • Large sun-shaped leaves
  • A quarter to half-ounce of a prime strain of bud
  • Liquid cannabis resin oil (can substitute with a mixture of sugar and water)

Step 1:

Grab a bamboo skewer and remove any threads. Then coat it with a single coat of liquid cannabis resin oil/sugar and water.

Step 2:

Nug Can You Roll A Cannagar?
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Begin to press 1 or 2 nugs of bud tightly against the skewer. Make sure there’s an even amount around each part of the skewer.

Step 3:

Now begin to tie the marijuana to the skewer with your hemp rope. Tie it tightly enough to limit the amount of bud that falls off, but make sure it’s not too tight (this can be tricky). If any part of the skewer becomes uneven, go back and pack in some more bud. Put in the refrigerator for two days.

Step 4:

Hemp Rope Can You Roll A Cannagar?
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Carefully remove the hemp rope. It is also essential to undo any knots that you may have tied for extra security. Gently unwind the line as you try to avoid crumbling the dried pieces of weed off of the skewer. If the bud completely crumbles, you will have to re-wrap the whole stick.

Step 5:

leaves Can You Roll A Cannagar?
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Use large sun-shaped leaves to fully seal the cigar. After wrapping it all the way up, go ahead and add one final coat of liquid resin/sugar water to keep everything in place.

Step 6:

After it’s coated with the resin (or sugar water), begin tying hemp rope around the leaf-covered skewer.

Step 7:

Canngars resting Can You Roll A Cannagar?
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Set it to dry for 1-2 weeks. Yes, you must wait that long.

Step 8:

After it has fully dried, remove the thread and slowly pull the bamboo skewer out to form a smoking tube. For storage, place cannagars in an airtight container. The longer you leave them sealed, the stronger they will get.

Final Product:

Finished cannagar Can You Roll A Cannagar?
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