Cannabis smoke is certainly a smell that is both loved and hated. Although your smoking habits can land you in some trouble if you live in a building with non-smokers, the good news is that cannabis smoke is unlike cigarette smoke—it doesn’t generally linger on furniture and walls. Many times just opening the windows after a session will dissipate most of the smell within a half hour. But when that doesn’t work, here are some of the best ways to keep your place smelling not so chronic.

1. Easy and cost effective

unbeatable ways to eliminate smoke smell dryersheet tube 5 Tips For Minimizing The Smell Of Cannabis
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One of the easiest ways to keep the smell down is using those arts and craft skills to create a sploof using three materials – a toilet paper roll, two dryer sheets and an elastic band.

Take one dryer sheet, crumble it into a ball and shove it into one end of the toilet paper roll. Take the other dryer sheet and drape it over the end of the toilet paper roll. Wrap the elastic around the draped dryer sheet to stop the crumpled sheet from leaving the roll as you breathe through it.

Now that you have constructed your filtration system, simply exhale your smoke through the open end and filter your smoke to smell like fresh laundry.

2. Fan-tastic idea

fan 5 Tips For Minimizing The Smell Of Cannabis
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If smoking near a window, the wind can be counterproductive and blow the smell of cannabis back into your house. However, you can control the airflow with a simple fan pointed outside to push the smoke out and dissipate it among outside air. This trick helps both the exhaled smoke and smell. Just stay close to the fan.

3. Just get a vaporizer already

1 ways to try smoking before youre 30 volcano 5 Tips For Minimizing The Smell Of Cannabis
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Many of the tricks listed above just minimize the marijuana smell and don’t kill it completely. Vaporizing, however, heats the plant matter rather than igniting it, making the smell both minimal and different. Most people will recognize the pungent smell of marijuana when it’s smoked, but vaporized? Not so much.

4. Febreze it

febreze 5 Tips For Minimizing The Smell Of Cannabis
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After any session, it doesn’t hurt to lightly spray down your couch and clothes. Febreze doesn’t just mask the smell of marijuana, but it also kills the smell in the fabric. Make your house smell so fresh and so clean.

5. Good storage

jars 5 Tips For Minimizing The Smell Of Cannabis
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Even if marijuana isn’t being smoked it can still smell if not stored properly. Also, if you can smell the cannabis in your house, it means it is likely getting dry and gross. Cannabis is stored best without air to keep it fresh and oh-so sticky. Most people will only store their marijuana in a zip lock bag but there are much better ways.

Anything is better than a zip lock bag for storing your bud, so simply head down to your local dollar store and buy a sealable glass jar. This will keep your bud airtight and fresh allowing for longer lasting flavor. If you are storing a large amount of marijuana in a glass jar, cut one piece of bread into four even pieces and put one-quarter into the jar to keep your cannabis fresh.