There are many successful ways you can get rid of the weed smell, and we are always looking for new and creative solutions to those marijuana problems.

So today we are bringing you another way to get rid of that marijuana smell that is far less suspicious than unleashing an entire can of air freshener!

You will need a few things…

  1. Firstly, for you to successfully complete this assignment, you´re going to have to fill up your room with the smell of weed. So, please, blaze one up!
  2. Make sure you have your chosen spray cleaner handy, such as Febreze or Carpet Fresh.
  3. Lastly. you will need a vacuum cleaner.

Another way to get rid of the weed smell

smell vacum Another Way To Get Rid Of The Weed Smell
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Spray your carpet with the spray you have chosen to do so with. Then you are going to run your vacuum cleaner over the part of the carpet you have sprayed.

This creates a little bit of a wind storm of smells from your carpet into the air, hiding the smell of marijuana. There are probably other things in your carpet other than what you just sprayed, so they will emerge into the mixture of smells too.

This is way less suspicious than a room that is full of toxic fumes from an aerosol can, and successfully covers the smell of weed! Plus, you are actually cleaning your carpet at the same time, so you win twice! There’s no better deal than that!

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