There are few spots more perfect for relaxation and fun than the beach. Whether you like to lay back and relax, read a book in the great outdoors, surf, swim, or ski, nothing beats the place where the land meets the sea. So where are the best weed-friendly beaches in the US? 

1. Manele Bay, Hawaii

best weed friendly beaches hawaii 5 Top Weed Friendly Beaches You Need To Hit This Summer
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The Hulopo’e Beach on the island of Lana’i is a breathtaking sight. Situated at the base of the Four Seasons Lana’i at Manele Bay, it is a marine preserve with tropical fish and the occasional dolphin. With 70°F water, you can snorkel in one of the finest spots on earth.

2. Nantucket, Massachusetts

best weed friendly beaches massachusetts 5 Top Weed Friendly Beaches You Need To Hit This Summer
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A New England fantasy with lighthouses, sandcastles, and beaches for everybody, Nantucket is peaceful. The summer is spectacular at Surfside Beach, while children have their own Children’s Beach stretch of sand.

3. Clearwater Beach, Florida

1 best weed friendly beaches florida 5 Top Weed Friendly Beaches You Need To Hit This Summer
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This 3-mile stretch of the Pinellas Peninsula splits Tampa Bay from the Gulf of Mexico. With white beaches, boating, dolphin-watching cruises, and museums and aquariums nearby, it is a tourist haven. Florida has plenty of beaches, but this one beats the Miami scene for family fun in the sun.

4. Coronado, California

2 best weed friendly beaches coronado 5 Top Weed Friendly Beaches You Need To Hit This Summer
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In front of the spectacular Hotel Del Coronado lies one of the greatest beaches of all. Coronado Central Beach is perfect for boogie boarding, sand sculpting, swimming, tide pooling, you name it. At the north end lies Dog Beach, where even your pets can run free in the surf. That’s what I call family fun.

5. Schooner Beach, Alaska

3 best weed friendly beaches flowers 5 Top Weed Friendly Beaches You Need To Hit This Summer
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Black sand and shipwrecks, this beach has it all. Beachcomb for driftwood and glass balls, or surf the miles of empty waves. At your back juts the summit of Mt. St. Elias, second-tallest in the US. A cooler weather changeup, it is beautiful nonetheless. Take your beach experience to a new level.

Blazing on the beach

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While these beaches sit in states that love their herb, that doesn’t mean you can just spark up in public view. Beaches are considered public land, or sometimes private property. In either case, smoking will take a bit of stealth, regardless of state law.

With all that sand, you won’t want to take your glass or electronic vapes out here. Instead, go for the best portable smoking device for fun without sacrificing function. Roll-uh-Bowl.


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Roll-Uh-Bowl is the perfect companion for outdoor enthusiasts. No matter where you go, it can “roll” with you. So when you go to the beach, don’t forget to pack sunscreen, towels, flip-flops, and the one device that won’t let you down. Follow the adventure on their website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Have we missed you fave weed-friendly beaches off the list? What vacation spots have you managed to sneak a toke at before? Share your stories with us on social media or in the comments below.