For the more hands-on smokers, we’ve got an awesome weekend woodworking project that should entice any pipe enthusiast. Owen WoodWard made a great video on his YouTube channel on how to craft a pretty simple wooden pipe that almost anyone can make. All it takes is some craftiness, a small list of tools, and your favourite type of dried wood and you should be smoking au naturel in no time!

Tools for the job

  • Electric Drill
  • Saw
  • Pointed Drill Bits
  • Sand Paper – Course and Fine
  • Dusk Mask
  • A Fully Dried and Dense Type of Wood

Tips for the novice wooden pipe crafter

  • Remember to be careful with sharp drill bits, as they can easily do some damage
  • The force you apply to your wood with the drill should increase in increments because the strength and density will vary for different types of wood
  • Make sure to wear a mask during the drilling process because no one wants wood pulp stuck in their lungs. Simply pulling your shirt over your nose while drilling can also be done if you don’t have a mask.
  • When sanding, remember to start with the most course grit that you have and finish with the finest. This should result in a very smooth finished product that is ready to stain
  • Finally, when choosing a stain, try and find a food-grade alcohol based product that doesn’t have a strong scent

Do you have some great local wood that would be perfect for making a wooden pipe like this? Share with us on Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments below.