Some of you are lucky enough to freely fill your rooms up with the wonderful aroma of cannabis as much as you please. However, others have no choice but to hide it. There are plenty of easy ways to keep the scent of ganja under wraps. Whether you’re living at home or attending a university, you can still light up without anyone noticing. Of course, smoking the herb outside is always the best solution. Still, that’s not an option for everyone, especially those living in states where cannabis is illegal. With that said, here are five easy steps to smell proofing your room.

1. Hide your stash

5 Easy Steps 1 5 Easy Ways To Smell Proof Your Room
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Because the aroma of cannabis is apparent even when you’re not smoking it, it’s important to hide it in a place where its scent it less obvious. For example, inside of a speaker or tightly sealed Tupperware.

Of course, it’s always best to purchase a top notch stash container that will not only preserve your buds but also mask the smell. However, if you’re low on funds, just be creative and figure out what works.

2. Evaluate your airflow

5 Easy Steps 2 5 Easy Ways To Smell Proof Your Room
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In other words, find out which direction the air is going. First, hold a lighter to the bottom of your bedroom door. Then, watch and see which way the flame blows. If the fire goes towards the door, then air is escaping. But if it goes towards the window, then that means air is coming in.

On the other hand, this doesn’t mean that air will always travel in that particular direction. Various factors can interrupt airflow, such as a friend walking into your space.

Nevertheless, each can be controlled by either laying a towel at the bottom of the door and taping the other cracks. Or, by placing a fan in your window, which also helps circulate the air in general.

If you happen to have a central air system, then that makes it harder for someone to pinpoint where the “funny” smell is coming from, but still, cover the vents just in case.

3. Blow smoke into a filter

5 Easy Steps 3 5 Easy Ways To Smell Proof Your Room
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If all else fails, you can always purchase a filter of some sorts. By blowing smoke into a filter, such as the Smoke Buddy, you’ll hide the smell of your ganja rather well.

In fact, you can even make one of your own if you don’t feel like spending the money. Check out the article on how to make your own sploof here.

4. Use a deodorizer

5 Easy Steps 4 5 Easy Ways To Smell Proof Your Room
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Although items like candles and sprays will mask the smell of cannabis for a short while, eventually the scents begin to combine. Before you know it, your room will smell like Febreze and bud.

But if you use a deodorizer, like Ozium, it will kill the smell almost instantly. However, breathing in a deodorizer can be dangerous, so be careful.

5. Eliminate lingering scents with an air purifier

5 Easy Steps 5 5 Easy Ways To Smell Proof Your Room
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An air purifier won’t remove the aroma of weed instantly. However, it will help get rid of the lingering smell of it, especially if you smoke in your room daily.

Of course, if you smoke in your room a lot, the scent will stick around for quite awhile, even on days that you don’t smoke. Because air purifiers can also reduce and eliminate second-hand tobacco smoke, then they will not doubt help with the smell of ganja.