Good quality weed is not cheap, which is why it’s not surprising when people come up with methods to make the most of what they have by recycling their cannabis. It’s not as difficult as you’d think. As it turns out, there’s an easy and affordable way to recycle cannabis with stuff you probably already have at home. It’s called the Balloon Method. By exhaling your hits into a balloon repeatedly, you can squeeze out even more smoke per hit.

What you’ll need

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Gather up your equipment:

  • Cannabis flower
  • Lighter or matches
  • A medium-sized balloon
  • A bong, pipe, joint or bubbler

What to do

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The following steps will show you how to maximize your hits using a balloon:

  • Pack your bowl with enough weed for one really good hit
  • Light it up as you normally would and deeply inhale
  • Hold in your hit and place the balloon to your mouth
  • Begin to exhale into the balloon, filling it with smoke but do not overinflate
  • Tightly secure the end to ensure that no smoke is released
  • Then bring the balloon back up to your mouth and re-inhale the smoke from inside the balloon
  • Hold briefly then slowly exhale outward, or back into the balloon if you choose

Things to remember for the Balloon Method

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Keep in mind that the smoke shouldn’t sit inside of the balloon for too long or the flavor may change. The smoke can also pick up chemicals or dust inside of the balloon, so try to recycle about four hits max, before lighting up again. But otherwise, it’s a fantastic way to get twice as much out of each hit taken, especially if you’re running low on weed.

Now if you try this method, and you’re finding that the hits aren’t as strong as you’d like them to be, try inhaling the smoke into your mouth only, then blow it into the balloon. This way, most of the THC won’t be absorbed by the lungs on the initial toke, leaving more to recycle using the balloon method.

Some people also use this method to hide the smell of cannabis a rather than using a sploof, exhaling out of a window or vaping. This could work by simply tying the end of the balloon once you’ve finished and disposing of it later on.

The balloon method isn’t just for solo smokers, some partygoers have taken to filling up balloons with weed smoke or vapor and have passed them around as party favors (how festive)!