Camilo Smith

He doesn’t want his hometown to get left out of L.A.’s green rush.

Dr. Dre And Tupac's Former Dealer Pushes For Compton To Legalize

He invested in the world’s largest online marijuana marketplace and 24K gold vape pens. Next up? His own strain.

Compton Rapper Slim 400 Is Determined To Make A Whole Lotta Money In Cannabis

The rapper is achieving a new level of fame as a marijuana grower. 

Rapper Jackie Chain set to release a weed-themed reality TV show

She got kicked off her high school basketball team. Now, her parents are suing.

Snoop offers legal help to a teen who retweeted him with a joint

While putting out albums, the DJ and producer has continued to be at forefront of legalization efforts.

DJ Muggs

In it, users break through levels to become virtual weed moguls.

Weed Farm

We can anticipate high profile guest appearances on the cartoon made by Houston heavyweight Trae Tha Truth.

From DJ Quik to Dr. Dre, Compton has produced some of the greatest weed anthems known to man.

With her White Girl Mob days behind her, Debbie adds a new career to her resume: cannabis entrepreneur.

Lil Debbie

They don’t want weed seeming too glamorous or exciting.


Perhaps hip-hop, with its do-or-die mentality, is the right kind of music for people willing to take the risks inherent in a new currency.


While rappers like Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa and Redman are seen as the kings of rapping about weed, Berner is making waves as a marijuana mogul.

Berner Weed Mogul

Will the proud smokers push legalization forward?

Killer Mike and T.I

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