Devon Preston

Hello, my name is Devon and I am a Brooklyn-based freelance writer for Herb.Co. In the past, I have written for Offbeat Bride, Her Campus, Everyday Feminism, Inked Magazine, Tattoodo, Tattoo Artist Magazine, and BUST Magazine. I currently write for Inked Magazine, Herb.Co, Dr.Dabber, and BUST Magazine.

“It’s not your typical Playboy magazine,” said model Ivory Suicide.


Green Angels is an elite weed delivery service that employs modelesque young women as delivery runners for A-List stoners such as Justin Bieber and Rihanna.

Green Angels

Realizing you’ve aged out of splitting a bowl and a bag of Doritos among your friends may be a hard pill to swallow. This party guide will help.


There are plenty of misconceptions about weed, which skew from inherited wives tales to universally accepted stereotypes.


Female representation in executive positions has shown to be a huge problem in the US, yet women in the cannabis industry are changing that stigma.


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