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Stephen Calabria is a journalist currently living in New York City. His work has also appeared in The Huffington Post, Deutsche Welle, and Talking Points Memo, among other outlets.

A new program that decriminalizes the use of recreational cannabis in Houston has garnered fervent support and opposition among law enforcement officials.


The beer industry has bankrolled several initiatives that have fought the legalization of cannabis in such states as Arizona and Massachusetts.

A medical cannabis cultivation company in Canada has replaced its CEO after it was revealed that the company used a banned pesticide.


New Mexico state Legislature are looking to ease the restrictions regarding the possession and use of cannabis, both medical and recreational.

New Mexico

The federal government will soon track the number of people working in the industry, a paradoxical sign that cannabis has further entered the mainstream.


A 74-year-old Indianapolis-area man has been arrested after having been accused of lacing a plate of cookies with cannabis and feeding them to his church.


The Trump administration’s planned crackdown on states that have legalized cannabis could cost hundreds of thousands of jobs, according to a new report.


Will airlines distinguish between medical and recreational, or are things even more complicated? And what does weed look like on an airport scanner?

The attorney general has stated that there are links between increased cannabis use among Americans and increased violence.

The pro-cannabis activist group spoke to HERB on the future of cannabis legalization just months after a painful loss at the ballot box.

Safer Arizona

Farmers in Europe, Canada, and China all grow hemp and over $600 million in imported hemp products were sold in the USA in 2016.


Apparently, the government is in need of cannabis couriers to transport weed seized by U.S. Border Patrol from near the Mexican border.

cannabis couriers

Fast forward to this month, and Oklahoma legislators have expressed an interest in rolling back some of the advancements made by November voters.


A group of Caribbean scientists has reportedly made a major breakthrough in using cannabidiol (CBD) – an active compound in cannabis – to treat hepatitis C.


Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt made the announcement on Wednesday, saying that he would speed up the process by which medical cannabis is imported.


Almost every single room had been converted for the wholesale production of cannabis plants, and there was a large amount of evidence of previous crops.


Federal officials along the U.S.-Mexico border thwarted a drug-smuggling operation that featured a unique cannabis catapult.


The measure, if signed into law, would allow for drug testing of unemployed people who are seeking work in a field in which the testing is regularly used.

Drug Testing

The comments received an immediate pushback from many advocates in the cannabis sphere, who say the White House claim are both dangerous and ill-informed.

white house

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