The Best Dispensaries In Lawton, OK

This town is a hidden gem that many people miss. We put together a list of the five best dispensaries in Lawton for you to indulge in while you visit.

Lawton is a charming little town located in the southern part of Oklahoma. It’s interesting to explore because of its distinctive attractions and relaxed atmosphere. But it can get even better after taking a look at some local dispensaries.

Since Oklahoma legalized medical marijuana in 2018, the cannabis industry has gained traction in Lawton. Local businesses have been expanding yearly, and there are now a wide variety of dispensaries to choose from and many things to do.

The Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge is a must-visit destination. You can even see herds of bison and longhorn cattle roaming free. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, this is the perfect place for you to go after getting some weed.

Lawton is a well-kept secret that offers a unique fusion of outdoor activities, military history, and top-notch marijuana dispensaries. For those curious stoners, there are some escape game venues that offer a perfect getaway for a group of friends. Also, there are many food options you can select from if you get the munchies.

There’s always something new to discover in this charming town, whether you’re a local or a visitor. So pack your bags, grab your favorite cannabis products, and explore Lawton, USA.

Star Buds

Star Buds can easily be considered the most famous dispensary in Lawton. They are located at 2629 NW Cache Road. Star Buds provides excellent quality and outstanding customer service.

Star Buds has prioritized the customer experience; they want everyone to leave happy and with the best weed in the state, which is why they have an extensive reward and deal program that helps people try new things with every visit.

This dispensary has special deals for every day of the week, for example, Muncheez Monday, Top Shelf Thursday, or Sunday Funday. They want every customer to have the opportunity to try new things and find what suits their medical condition best. Star Buds also has a reward program for those recurrent customers.

Mango Cannabis

Sometimes you are just looking for a dispensary to get some weed and leave, but there are places where you can do way more than that. They are the perfect place for those looking for a deeper connection with cannabis. Don’t miss the opportunity if you are ever in Lawton.

Mango Cannabis is more than a dispensary; they are a collective that tries to unite the Lawton cannabis community in a safe environment where everyone learns from everyone. Their Lawton dispensary is located at 1201 NW Sheridan Road.

Mango Cannabis has tons of programs. Some help the military and veterans, others are meant for vulnerable kids, food banks, and more. If you are interested in how they work or what they do after your visit, you can ask any member of their team for more information; you may end up working with them.

For more information, visit their website at

Canna Cure

Canna Cure is a medical cannabis dispensary with over 20 years of industry experience. They understand the importance of providing only the best cannabis at the best prices. You might not find the fanciest products here, but trust us when we say that this place has something special.

At Canna Cure, you can find the best selection of pre-rolls, flowers, edibles, and vapes, plus daily deals and offers that encourage customers to explore. Their dispensary is located at 2720 NW Sheridan Road.

They are a small business but have everything a stoner needs: good weed, great service, and affordable prices. With every five visits, you have a chance to spin the wheel of weed, where you can win extra discounts, accessories, cannabis products, or clothes.

Vertical Vibez

Vertical Vibez is one of the few dispensaries in Lawton that cultivates what they sell. They grow according to the highest standards using a variety of environmentally friendly methods that benefit both the customer and the environment.

When you buy cannabis at Vertical Vibez, you are supporting a local business full of local talent that works every day to offer the best products and the best service. Although their menu may not be as extensive as some others, there are still plenty of options because they grow everything they sell.

Vertical Vibez has only two locations in Oakland, one of which is at 1607 SE 1st St. in Lawton.  Here, they offer pre-rolls, flowers, moon rocks, cartridges, and concentrates of the highest quality.

Kush Gardens

An important aspect of a good dispensary is its location. There is no better thing than having a lot of things to do near where you just bought a good joint.

Kush Gardens is located at  1220 NW Sheridan Rd., in the heart of Lawton. A few blocks away in any direction, you can find all kinds of restaurants, parks, and even some museums.

Kush Garden is the best option if you are looking for something to smoke and something to do while high. At their dispensary, you are going to find so many high-quality cannabis products that can set you up in the mood for doing something outside in the beautiful town of Lawton.


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