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Herb is the world's largest and most trusted cannabis community. Our vision is to get anyone in the world cannabis in under 15 minutes. We're looking for legends to help us make this dream a reality.

Finding the perfect job is hard work. It takes time for you to research, apply, and assess if the brand fits with your values and career goals. We'd love to save you some time and simplify the process - and have some fun along the way!

If you're ambitious, hard-working, and want to shape the future of cannabis commerce check out our opportunities below:

Account Executive

Toronto, Los Angeles, Remote
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Herb is here to do one thing: simplify cannabis from discovery to purchase.

Our vibrant and growing community of 14 million herbivores is a living example that the stigma is disappearing faster than the smoke from the tips of our joints. Each month we reach 265 million video viewers and inspire 85 million engagements.

For us, cannabis isn’t just a hobby, it’s baked into who we are. Ask anyone of us and we’ll tell you; cannabis is more than just a plant. Consuming cannabis is an opportunity to laugh, learn, heal, and connect. The opportunity to shape how the world embraces cannabis is here.

Our team of engineers, designers, artists, and entrepreneurs are proving every day that cannabis consumers are achievers. Over the next decade, the way people perceive, access and enjoy cannabis will fundamentally change. We envision a future where anyone in the world can get cannabis in under 15 minutes. Herb is where that future becomes a reality.


We are a team that is obsessed with personal growth. Today, that same pursuit of personal growth has made Herb a leader in the industry.

20+ employees
14,000,000+ consumers, global operations
6 employees
Backed by CEO Shopify, Joe Montana HOF quarterback, early Facebook investors and early Facebook employees
3 employees
Rebranded from The Stoner's Cookbook to Herb
1 employee
Founder working from a garage in San Francisco
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