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City Guides | 07.24.2023

The Best Cannabis Dining In Los Angeles For Stoners

Imagine this: you’re seated in a swanky Los Angeles restaurant, and a stunning dish arrives at your table.

As its tantalizing aroma wafts up, you realize this isn’t just any ordinary culinary rendezvous. You’re embarking on a weed-infused restaurant adventure, where each dish is a harmonious union between fine dining and the herb we all cherish. 

Los Angeles, a city alive with cultural vibrancy, is trailblazing a path for THC-infused restaurants, turning them from a nice novelty into an essential facet of the dining scene. 

In this feature, we explore the crème de la crème of LA’s cannabis restaurants, offering not just places to eat, but immersive, colorful sensory experiences that push the boundaries of traditional cuisine. 

Get ready, foodies and cannabis connoisseurs alike – it will be a delicious journey through the dining LA has to offer.

Rainbow Bar & Grill

Although the fine cuisine here isn’t infused, the ganja life is strong and vibrant. There are a lot of lovely places that are BYOB, or your own whatever, but here you can BYOB. The difference is that the ‘B’ here stands for bud. Weed, grass, ganja, dank, doink, whatever you want to call it, smoke it at the Rainbow Bar & Grill. Enjoy your lunch or dinner surrounded by the entertainment industry’s finest memories.

Since the early 50s Rainbow has been a melting pot of celebrity action. Film director Vincente Minnelli, at the time married to Judy Garland, would dine casually here. Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe met at this restaurant on a blind date. 

The Rainbow became known as a hangout for musicians and their groupies. Notable regulars during this period include John Lennon, Keith Moon, Grace Slick, Ringo Starr, Lemmy, Neil Diamond, Janis Joplin, Led Zeppelin, Alice Cooper, Elvis Presley, and so many others. 


Popcultivate is a chef-designed cannabis dining experience that brings the magic of gourmet cooking to everyday dining. Enjoy luxury-infused carefully sourced, organic ingredients with sun-grown cannabis to deliver a tasteful and controlled recreational experience. 

You’ll ride ahead of the curve with these meticulously crafted menus that include seasonal and sustainable dishes. 

Popcultivate uses a standard dose of 5 mg, offering a curated selection of artisanal psychedelic-infused alcoholic beverages to accompany that centered around the theme of self-exploration and discovery. 

The extraordinary Pop is also an event planner on top of being a chef and a designer, meaning they can do the work that many other caterers cannot do for you. Think of it as culinary creations that perfect the marriage of food and cannabis with just the right dose. This is definitely not a weed restaurant you want to miss. 

Cannabis Cafe

Take a trip to America’s first original Cannabis Cafe. Take in all the rich history and savor all your favorite meals but with weed. They even have brunch! This is the place where weed and organic food meet in perfect harmony. 

Smoking a bowl at noon is still cool, but eating an infused brunch in front of a crowd while trying to act natural, is a little more fun. 

The Cannabis Cafe strives to be the place where people can come to get high on life, not just get high on food that smells and tastes amazing. 

Based in the heart of LA, Cannabis Cafe has been serving our community with quality goods and services since 2019. It’s just enough to get you high while letting you stay in control and maintain your conversations and activities.

Cheba Bakery

If it’s your first time with weed edibles or just feel like trying something new, you can find the best and most reliable weed edibles. Cheba Bakery offers edibles that allow you to know how much weed is being consumed, all the sweetness without the dank taste.

Cheba’s potency of flavor and quality ingredients will make your mouth water. They take great pride in their attention to detail about portions and balance between edibles. 

Cheba’s carefully crafted premium cannabis edibles are infused with THC and placed in a delicious package. The mission here is to openly provide the most superior products, consistent customer service, and the most attractive presentation of baked goods available in the marketplace. 

Cannabis Supper Club

At Cannabis Supper Club you can feel the pride in creating a unique, personalized experience for all their members. Yes, this is one of those that require a membership, worth every penny. All of their dishes are selected with

your tastes in mind and are carefully curated to be the perfect pairing for your favorite strain. Cannabis Supper Club is a chef-driven, fine dining experience where you can indulge in the most exquisite cannabis cuisine. 

The events are designed to be sophisticated in both food and ambiance. The Cannabis Supper Club menus tend to vary, but guests at each event hear about the next event and are already choosing an outfit for the next one. 

This is probably what creates an even more exclusive and intimate environment. They offer an elevated dining experience for people who appreciate cannabis, using the freshest ingredients and premium cannabis.

Bull & Dragon

Keep your eyes open for the comeback of Bull & Dragon. Currently working on building a new venue. In the meantime let’s talk about why this catering place is so great. Private events, also known as “The Herb Project”, are tailored to your vision, style, and taste.

Mixing fine food, friendly service and a touch of luxury, Bull & Dragon will transport your taste buds to exotic destinations. 

It’s all about finding what nature already offers than creating something we want. The whole process is more inclusive rather than exclusive. These creative minds can transform nature’s gifts into meaningful innovations. 

The quality of ingredients is top-notch with robust flavors that shine through so much you can’t even tell you’re getting high. Just remember menus are based on what is local and in season. 

Final Remarks

In the realm of cannabis cuisine, a series of captivating flavors and feelings are bound to come your way. If you’re already an enthusiast yourself, or a newbie to the scene, Los Angeles provides the perfect stage to explore the nexus of cannabis and cuisine. 

LA awaits you – bon appétit and bon voyage! 

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Better yet, if you’re ready to take your high-culinary adventures up a notch, treat yourself to the Secret Supper Club’s elevated dining experience, conveniently nestled in the heart of Hollywood Boulevard.

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