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Four twenty friendly is a recreational marijauna store that is welcoming to everybody over 21 with a valid I.D! We love visitors and would love to show you our huge variety of quality marijuana products that are affordable on every budget!

About Us

420 Friendly is a Spokane Recreational Marijuana Dispensary


420 Friendly welcomes cannabis enthusiasts near and far to their Spokane marijuana dispensary, stocked with high-quality marijuana products sourced from popular and boutique providers across the state. Open late and serving all patrons 21+ with a valid ID, 420 Friendly is proud to offer top-notch customer service coupled with the finest cannabis goods.



Opening their doors in 2014, 420 Friendly strives to be the official destination for Spokane residents and visitors to explore the best in Washington cannabis. The founding team was continually inspired by how much marijuana helped both customers and patients during Washington’s medical history. Following their passion, 420 Friendly’s goal is to give back to their Spokane community and provide a welcoming environment in which people can learn about, explore and discuss cannabis.


420 Friendly’s discreet location makes their dispensary ideal for those uncertain or new to cannabis, as well as seasoned veterans. Their friendly budtenders welcome guests with a smile, ready to answer questions about product differences or guide customers to the perfect cannabis fit for their needs. As a medically endorsed dispensary, 420 Friendly especially caters to medical patients.Each and every one of their budtenders is medically certified and qualified to answer questions. 420 Friendly thrives on hosting private barbecues and events for their customers.They are consistently involved with their Spokane community and donating to local charities and organizations.



Specializing in local vendors, 420 Friendly fancies itself a mom-and-pop marijuana dispensary, featuring mostly Tier-1 and -2 providers with some Tier-3s thrown into the mix. Brands like MJ Productions, Firehouse Productions, CBD Farms, Seven Points, Koala Bar and Billifer’s Buds line their dispensary shelves. Spokane customers can enjoy 420 Friendly’s spectrum of price points.They offer an excellent cannabis product for any budget or occasion. Popular flower strains include Gorilla Glue and Jack Diesel, while Big River’s concentrates often fly off 420 Friendly’s shelves. In addition to their lab-tested marijuana, 420 Friendly stocks pipes rolling papers and other basic cannabis accessories.


At this time, 420 Friendly accepts only cash and offers a 10% discount for veterans and medical patients. Recreational customers and medical patients are welcome to walk-in anytime and receive dedicated service from one of 420 Friendly’s knowledgeable budtenders. Their parking lot features plenty of parking for their Spokane patrons.Whether you’re driving a Smart Car or a Truck, you’ll find a space.


Service Locations:

420 Friendly serves the Spokane community off the Route-2 highway, near the Spokane International Airport. Visitors from Geiger Heights, Airway Heights, Glenrose and Town and Country make the journey to explore 420 Friendly’s cannabis selection. Their friendly service invites guests from Dishman, Spokane Valley, Marshall and Four Lakes. 21+ residents of Deep Creek, Mica, Freeman, and Fairwood, are welcome at their marijuana dispensary, and from Liberty Lake to Reardan, 420 Friendly strives to offer the best in cannabis products and service.

Location Information:

Spokane, Washington is the center of the greater Spokane area, located in eastern Washington. The city hosts many cultural draws, such as the Spokane Arena, home to many concerts and sports events. The Bing Crosby Theater hosts traveling theater performances, while outdoor lovers can enjoy the Spokane River inside Palisades Park and Riverfront Park. The Northtown Mall hosts dozens of retail options and restaurants for enthusiastic shoppers, while Gonzaga University stands proudly in the center of the city. From Riverside State Park to the Spokane International Airport, one and all are welcome at 420 Friendly’s Spokane dispensary.


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    First-Time Customers

    Arriving in at Spokane Airport or visiting from a neighboring state? Here at 4:20 friendly we welcome everyone and will greet you with a friendly knowledgeable staff. We have a wide variety of quality recreational Marijauna products for every budget.


    Our Loyalty Program is now in full swing! Accumulate points for discounts on your favorite products. Beginning in August, the last Wednesday of this month is Medical Card Holders Day! Qualified Medical Patients with valid Medical cards call 844-7287.

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    Adult-Use Retail: 413586

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