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Dispensary Works is committed to providing the best cannabis product to patients as a valuable part of an overall health program. 

We are diligent in selecting the best product, working closely with our grow partners and ensuring the product has been certified through qualified laboratories.

Our highly trained staff is here to help you select the best cannabis for your particular needs. We encourage you to be an active participant in that selection, asking questions and sharing appropriate health information. Responsible, effective, and safe use by each customer is our goal.

The Team: 

Our founders believe in cannabis as an effective treatment for a variety of medical conditions.  Our staff includes medical, pharmaceutical, and other health care experts as well as experts in the science and production of cannabis as medicine.

Dispensary Works’ principals are native to Maryland, and we are grateful for this opportunity to serve this new market in Maryland.




Check our menu daily for a broad selection from high quality cultivars to designer concentrates.  Each product is carefully chosen for its medicinal benefit. Dispensary Works carries a full line of accessory products from glassware to vape pens.  




We understand that cannabis is not currently covered under health insurance, and the cost is significant as a new market in Maryland.


Veterans, senior citizens, and loyal customers will enjoy various discount programs. Daily specials will also be attractive to our customers. We are working with County and State governments on programs to try to help those who are unable to afford this medicine.

About Us

Daily Deals 

Monday Mania – 15% off all sugar, shatter, budder and edibles

TwoFer Tuesdays – buy two identical products – 15% off

Wednesday – Flower Madness – 20% off all grams and 1/8’s 

Preroller Thursday – 10% off all prerolls

Vape Escape Friday – 15% of all vape products

Choice Saturdays – your choice of one daily deal.

Sunday Special – 15% off storewide for Veterans and Seniors

Offers may not be combined

Bring in a new customer and receive 20% off your purchase for the day.


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    Veterans and Senior Citizens

    – 10% Discount


    State License

    Medical Retail: D-18-00023

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