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Northglenn Doc’s Apothecary (RECREATIONAL & MEDICAL)

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About Us


Docs Apothecary is a Northglenn Medical Marijuana and Recreational Marijuana Dispensary.


Doc’s Apothecary offers a large selection of Pure, Premium Cannabis Products for Medical and Recreational cannabis use. Docs is owned by a medical doctor in Northglenn and operates in full compliance with Ballot Amendment 20. They are dedicated to staying in the forefront of the cannabis industry focusing on research and development, so the medicinal value of cannabis will exceed its recreational uses.




Dedicated to serving the Northglenn medical and recreational cannabis community, Docs Apothecary is owned by a doctor who was inspired to open a dispensary after witnessing a returning patient who had a history of taking large doses of prescription pills. He was initially against the use of marijuana until he watched his patient increase their marijuana consumption and depend less on prescription drugs. This particular case motivated the doctor to explore and research the medicinal benefits of marijuana and prescribe it as an alternative form of treatment.


APOTHECARY: [uh-poth-uh-ker-ee] – 1. An archaic term, dating back to 2600 BC, for a medical professional who formulated and dispensed herbal medicines to physicians, surgeons and patients. 2. A pharmacy or drugstore.




Docs Apothecary employs high-qualified cannabis professionals who are dedicated to providing superior customer service. They work with well-known cannabis vendors to share facts about the medicinal benefits or marijuana with Northglenn patients and customers. Docs Apothecary provides ample parking and invites medical marijuana patients and recreational customers with questions to stop by and speak to a friendly dispensary team member.




Docs Apothecary carries an extensive inventory of premium marijuana products. They work with a team of expert growers to develop award-winning indica, sativa, and hybrid strains like Emo Kush, Super Sour Lemon, Pellucid Haze, Purple Trainwreck, Tango, and Kandy Kush. Docs Apothecary partners with professional extraction artists to process their connoisseur quality strains into pristine shatters, crumbles, kief, and rosin. Northglenn medical marijuana patients and recreational customers who prefer a sweeter way to medicate can choose from an assortment of cannabis-infused gummies, chocolate, mints, bars, Cheeba Chews, suckers, and specially formulated marijuana relief capsules. In addition to their large menu, Docs Apothecary also carries topicals from Mary’s Medicinals and Apothecanna and assorted pre-rolls.


New and Loyal Medical Patient Incentives


Docs Apothecary welcomes Northglenn patients with a discounted price of one penny for an eighth of flower when they join the collective. Members will receive 15% off edibles and have exclusive access to special pricing on things like shatter, wax, and cartridges. Docs Apothecary patients can participate in their loyalty program and earn a point for every dollar they spend. They also offer discounts to veterans and seniors and accepts all forms of payment. They offer many more benefits to New and Loyal Medical Patients – stop in for all of the details and free incentives any time.


Service Locations


Docs Apothecary is a Medical and Recreational marijuana dispensary located on 112th Avenue near the Denver International Airport and Coors Field. They work with medical marijuana patients in Northglenn, Thornton, Westminster, Commerce City, and Broomfield. Doc Apothecary also provides safe-access to top-quality meds to cannabis patients in Adams County, Dacono, Fort Collins, and Aurora.


Location Information


Northglenn is fifteen minutes north of downtown Denver and is within half an hour of the Denver International Airport and the Rocky Mountains. Ghost Hunters can book a two-and-a-half tour at Nightly Spirits Denver exploring Denver’s most haunted areas. The tour begins in Lower Downtown Denver from the Blake Street Vault and stops by four pubs where visitors will have the chance to mingle and also enjoy the local brews of Colorado. Herbs and Arts is an herbal and healing sanctuary for all who enter. Carrying the finest herbs, oils, incense, candles, crystal, and sea salts, Herbs and Arts teaches customers the various healing techniques and the art of cultivating Qi, a life force that incorporates both seated and standing meditation. We accept all Debit Cards – ATM on site.



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