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Garden Mother is a Medical & Recreational Dispensary and Herbal Store with locations in Missoula & Kalispell MT.


About Us

Garden Mother proudly serves the community as a professional, deeply personal, and holistic medical cannabis dispensary. With carefully handcrafted products and educational resources, Garden Mother strives to heal the whole person, not merely the symptoms, using cannabis and natural herbs.



Garden Mother originally opened in 2009, shutting their Missoula doors briefly due to shifting Montana regulations, and are happy to reopen and continue serving their patients. The founder of Garden Mother began as a herbalist by trade, and as time passed more and more individuals asked her to cultivate cannabis for their medical needs. Soon, she reached a fork in the road and took the plunge to grow cannabis and her other herbs full time in a dispensary setting. She and her staff continue to expand and refine their products and request feedback. It’s never about the largest yield; it’s about creating the best-finished product.



Garden Mother is utterly devoted to healing their patients, utilizing the intrinsic power of natural plants and herbs. They always form close relationships with their visitors, often checking in to see how they’re doing, and getting product feedback to create an optimal strain for each’s needs. Garden Mother keeps a nutritionist and herbalist on staff to incorporate a strong presence of holistic lifestyle, and patients are more than welcome to request consultations regarding the best strain, dosage and consumption methods depending on their lifestyle and specific conditions. Garden Mother has long advocated for cannabis’ medical legalization and is proud to serve their patients community with a passionate belief in its benefits and a welcoming environment where marijuana patients can feel safe and accepted.



With their deep love of all kinds of plants, Garden Mother carries an extensive selection of cannabis flowers and products in addition to a range of herbs, essential oils, hydrosols and other products designed for holistic wellness. All grown with love in natural soil, and trimmed and cured by hand, Garden Mother specializes in their cannabis flower, cultivating marijuana strains that are tried and true for their clients. Patients particularly like their Jack Herer, Cinderella-99 and GG#4 strains, depending on who’s using them, and Garden Mother strives to uniquely understand each person’s underlying truth to help them find or create the ideal strain for their needs and wants. In addition to their flower, Garden Mother provides homemade caramels, fudges, infused butter and cooking oils, and cannabis salves and topicals. They also offer Pax and Puffco vaporizers as well as glass products and rolling papers.


Garden Mother currently can only accept cash for cannabis products. They form close relationships with their clients, and will often work with them in situations where they otherwise would not be able to afford their marijuana medicine. Garden Mother prioritizes the little things and sends birthday cards to their patients with discounts as well as their monthly newsletter. Parking is excellent, with many designated spaces and handicap accessibility.


Service Locations:

With locations in Missoula & Kalispell MT, Garden Mother proudly serves the medical and recreational markets in the Missoula, Lolo, Bitteroot Valley, Kalispell, Whitefish, Columbia Falls, Flat Head Valley, and surrounding areas.


Location Information:

Missoula serves as the county seat of Missoula County, framed by the Lolo National Forest, the Flathead Reservation, and Flathead National Park. The Clark Fork River flows through Missoula, with the 90, the 12 and the 93 highways serving as their major access points. The University of Montana calls Missoula home, and visitors and locals can visit Spartan Park or Big Sky Park and enjoy its expansive greenery. From Mount Jumbo to the Southgate Mall, Garden Mother proudly serves their medical and recreational cannabis clients.


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