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We are Recreational! 21 plus

**Drive-Thru Window pick-up for online and phone-in orders!**

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10/$100 Platinum Vape 510 Carts

8/$100 Gold Crown Concentrates

$6 Out-the-door Tarantulas

2/$20 Galenas Halflings Packs

2/$40 Galenas Joints Packs

Introducing Triple Phoenix Edibles!

Brownies and Brownie Bites

Lemon Chiffon Cookies

Chocolate and Fruity Marshmallow Bars

Freeze-Dried Fruit Bits (Strawberry, Pineapple, or Banana)

Freeze-Dried Zkittlez


Common Citizen Restock!

$7 Out-the-Door: Dirt Nap, Electric PB Cookies, White Truffle, Grim Bastard

$5 Out-the-Door: Betty Kush, East Side OG, Gerry Peyton, GMO Jungle Cake, Lil Diamond, Nerdz, Truffle Berry, Velvet Breath, Pancakes

Dogwalker 5pks (1.75g total): Biker Kush, GMO Jungle Cake, Lil Diamond

Wax: Lil Diamond Cured Resin Crumble, London Pound Cake Cured Sugar & Sauce

Bulk Flower: Lil Diamond & Electric PB Cookies

New Mike Bites Flavors from Tyson2.0!

Black Raspberry, Sour Apple, and Watermelon

Livwell Flower Restock!

Dosido, L.A. Qwerkle, Moroccan Kush, L.A. Ultimate Cherry, Snow Dream, Peach Crescendo, Mandarin Confectionery, OG Deluxe

Platinum Vape Restock!

New Sativa Disposable – Tango Twist

New Live Resin 510 Cart – King Louis XIII

Thai Stick, Maui Wowie, Papaya Mochi, Girl Scout Cookies, Fire OG, Platinum Cookies, Orangeade, Cannalope Haze, Hawaiian Kush, Pineapple Purps, Zkittlez, Godfather OG, Skywalker OG, Paris OG, Tahoe OG, Grape Ape

Gold Crown and House Wax Restock!

GC: Tango Jack Sugar, Ice Cream Freeze Sugar & Shatter, Black Jack Crumble, Sophie’s Breath Crumble, Stuffed French Toast Shatter, Cherry Lime Runtz Sugar

House: Animal Tree Crumble, Dog Breath Sugar, White Tahoe Cookies Budder, Sunset Runtz Sugar

5/$100 Viva Extracts Disposable 1 gram vapes

Watermelon, Zkittlez, Sour Diesel, Pina Colada, Strawnana, Cherry Twist

Jeeter Restock!

Mai Tai, Durban Poison, Grapefruit Romulan, Watermelon Zkittlez, Blue Zkittlez, Maui Wowie, Gelato #33, Blueberry Kush

New Dazed Extracts Strain!

Snow Cap 1g Live Resin (80.1%)

4/$50 200mg Platinum Gummies!

Green Apple, Pineapple, Strawberry, Mango, Blue Raspberry

Galenas Restock! (All Hybrid:Indica)

Joint 5pks: Dual OG, Alien Pebbles

Halflings 5pks: Snowball, Alien Pebbles, Blueberry Cookies, Yuzu Euphoria

1g PRs: Dual OG, Chem Cookies, Cake Crasher, Second Breakfast

TWAX Banana Cream is back!

$10 2:1 THC:CBD The Clear Carts

Orange Cream, Blue Raz

$35 ea or 2/$60 Shake Ounces back in stock!

MI Frost, Steak Sauce

$20 Eighths on Select Top Shelf Strains!

Pure Michigan (18.7%), White Truffle (22.9%), Ice Pie (20.4%), Peyote Forum (28.0%), Kiwi (25.1%), Superboof (21.3%), Michigan Frost (25%), Cherry Kush Mints (21.2%)

Recreational 21 Specials


💓Red Label $80 Ounces💓

Moroccan Kush (25.3% Indica)

Dosido (21.5% Hybrid: Indica)

LA Qwerkle (25.6% Hybrid: Indica)

Banana Daddy (22.9% Hybrid)

Mandarin Confectionery (26.9% Hybrid: Sativa)

🤍White Label $100 Ounces🤍

Purple Triangle Kush (23.5% Indica)

Swamp Gas (23.4% Indica)

Purple Ghost OG (23.1% Hybrid: Indica)

Citral Glue (25.8% Hybrid: Indica)

LA Ultimate Cherry (26.9% Hybrid: Indica)

Snow Dream (26.1% Hybrid: Indica)

Peach Crescendo (27.1% Hybrid: Indica)

OG Deluxe (27.2% Hybrid: Indica)

Strawberry Diesel OG (24.2% Hybrid)

Super Lemon Haze (22.5% Hybrid: Sativa)

Holy Roller (21.1% Hybrid: Sativa)

💙Blue Label $150 Ounces💙

London Pound Cake (25.1% Hybrid: Indica)

Slapz (19.7% Hybrid: Indica)

Michigan Frost (25% Hybrid: Indica) $20 Eighth!

Donkey Butter (21.1% Hybrid: Indica)

Banana MAC (17.5% Hybrid)

Apple Fritter (24.1% Hybrid)

Electric PB Cookies (22.9% Hybrid)

Superboof (21.3% Hybrid: Sativa) $20 Eighth!

Cherry Kush Mints (21.2% Hybrid: Sativa) $20 Eighth!

Trainwreck (24.1% Sativa)

💚Green Label $200 Ounces💚

Pure Michigan (18.7% Hybrid: Indica) $35 Quarter!

White Truffle (22.9 Hybrid: Indica) $20 Eighth!

Ice Pie (20.4% Hybrid) $35 Quarter!

Kiwi (25.1% Hybrid: Sativa) $20 Eighth!

Lil Diamond (27.1% Sativa)

🎁Pre-Packaged 1/8ths🎁

Buy ANY Prepacked 1/8, get a penny Preroll!

Wonderbrett 25% OFF Reg $50 Now $37.50 Grapes of Wrath, Peach OZ, Orange Banana

Pack Woods 25% OFF Reg $60 Now $45 Kobe OG, Cookies & Cream

Redeye Cannabis Co. 37.5% OFF Reg $40 Now $25 Pure Michigan, Apples & Bananas, Animal Tree

Kind Smokes 25% OFF Reg $25 Now $18.75 Apples & Bananas


TWAX 1.25 gram infused prerolls 2 for $25 or $15 ea. (Grapevine, Blueberry, Lemon Haze, and Banana Cream)

Common Citizen Infused Prerolls (both over 43% THC) $20 ea. (Lil Diamond, Runtz)

6/$25 and 6/$35 Select Prerolls! (Giving Tree Gardens, Galenas, and House PRs) or (Common Citizen and Kind PRs)

4 for $30 Tarantulas or $10 ea. Big Chillz, LA Sherbert

$40 Packwoods 2.5g Infused Blunts

🔋Vape Carts🔋

3/$50 Hype, Mac Oils, Mitten, MKX

10/$100 Platinum Vapes or $20 ea.

$10 ea 2:1 THC:CBD The Clear Classic Carts

$15 ea or 3/$35 Worker’s Cannabis 300mg (Hybrid Grape Goji OG, Strawberry Shortcake, HIGH-C Orange, Banana Runtz, Watermelon Zkittlez)

$30 ea OozeX Disposable (Hybrid Banana Taffy, Blueberry Rock-Pops, Raspberry Cotton Candy, Grapesmack, Green Apple Twist, Orange Burst)

5/$100 Viva Extracts Disposables (Hybrid Pina Colada, Watermelon, Cherry Twist, Sour Diesel, Strawnana, Zkittlez)

2 for $50 Breeze Bars (Hybrid Tropical Rainbow Belts, Candy Cane, Rainbow Sherbert, Berry Bomb Pop, Banana Orange Smoothie, Juicy Fruit Punch, Strawberry Cream, Cherry Lemon Mango, Watermelon Wave, Grape Gusher)

2 for $50 Platinum Vape Skybar (Indica Blue Shaved Ice, PB & J, Island Punch | Sativa Lime Marita, Blood Orange, Electric Green Apple | Hybrid Dynamite Cherry, Bubblicious, Watermelon Hookah)

$24 Live Resin 1g Carts (reg $32) | Platinum Vape | Fresh Coast


2/$100 RKIVE Hash Rosin Tier 1 and Tier 2

5/$100 Hype, Fresh Coast, Wyldfire

6/$100 Gold Crown, Common Citizen, Dazed

10/$100 House Wax


WANA SOURS 100mg gummies 2 for $20 or $15 ea.

WANA QUICK 100mg gummies 2 for $25 or $18.75 ea.

PLATINUM VAPE 100mg Gummies 5 for $25 or $6 ea.

PLATINUM VAPE 200mg Gummies 4 for $50 or $12 ea.

HYPE 100mg Gummies 6 for $20 or $5 ea.


WYLD Enhanced 100mg Gummies 2 for $25 or $15 ea.

WYLD Enhanced Cannabinoids 100mg Gummies 2 for $32 or $19 ea.

Dixie Mints $10 ea.

About Us

Green Pharm is committed to providing the best customer experience with the highest quality medical cannabis. We have a wide variety of product at prices everyone can afford. We focus on the needs of our clients and have experienced, trained on-staff bud tenders that are here to educate and connect with you to provide a genuine, caring experience. From down-state to up-north, we’re proud to be Michigan based and are here to serve you.


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