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Hana is dedicated to providing our patients with access to a complete line of products along with friendly, knowledgeable and quick service. All Hana branded flower is hand trimmed and lab tested by independent third parties in order to give the patient a consistent and reliable experience. Hana stores have current lab results on hand so the patient can see exactly what they are paying for. Hana is one of the largest wholesalers of premium flower, flower products, edibles and concentrates in Arizona. Hana patients get to enjoy top shelf MMJ products in our two outlet stores at discount prices, or can find our products all over Arizona!

About Us

Hana grew out of a shared passion for the plant and its many natural benefits. Dedicated to enriching the lives and wellness of its customers and community, the Hana team is professional and knowledgeable on the uses of cannabis for multiple ailments and needs. 

The Hana Flower Pantry is a staple, providing a variety of strains and supreme products from some of Arizona’s best growers. As one of the first licensed cannabis dispensaries and largest wholesalers, Hana is renowned for having some of the most sought-after brands in the state with the legendary pre-rolls from Dutchie and Willie’s Reserve, as well as our chef-driven brand, Revival Infused Edibles. 

Hana, an Arizona original.


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    Medical Retail: 00000096DCXQ00231932Adult-Use Retail: 00000102ESWC76772229

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