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Wheeling, US

About Us

Throughout the course of history and the world, people have long explored the plant kingdom in search of botanicals offering therapeutic and medicinal relief. Historically, the most likely place where patients could find and access these remedies was an apothecary: a ship that sold medicinal herbs and plants. As is often the case, we look back in history to help chart a course for the future. We know that cannabis is new for many people and everyone’s needs are different. We dedicate ourselves to staying up to date on the latest research in the constantly expanding cannabis industry.

Our medical and recreational menus contain the highest quality cannabis in the state of Illinois. Our team spends countless hours curating and selecting the products that will aid our customers’ exact needs and ailments that they face. It is our goal to provide an environment and product that appeals to users suffering with serious ailments as well as those that see cannabis as a way to bring serenity and general happiness. Our staff is passionate about helping both medical and recreational cannabis find which product is right for their needs.


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    10% off for veterans & SSI recipients every day. Cash only. ATM on premises.

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    1500 E Lake Cook Rd,Wheeling, Illinois 60090, U.S.
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