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Prices displayed in-store and online will show pre-tax pricing with taxes applicable at checkout.

Starting January 1st, 2023, the state of CA will require retailers to collect a flat 15% excise tax on gross receipts (CA AB-195). We are moving to pre-tax, and post-tax pricing displayed in-store for your convenience.

Daily Specials Program will be discontinued.

More vendors deals & rewards will be available.  The shift in excise tax collection at the point of sale results in increased taxes for all products. Moving to pre-tax pricing is a major overhaul, and we want to offer better prices daily. Shop smart with Haze any day of the week.

Rewards Items will be redeemed for a minimum of $1.00

To remain compliant with State regulations [Section 15411 (a) A licensed retailer shall not provide. Free cannabis goods to any person. We will charge a minimum of $1.00 for all Rewards Items.


We take pride in the quality of medication we provide to our patients at reasonable purchase rates. Haze is designed to be a dispensary that can meet the needs of any patient. Whether you’re looking for top-shelf or just a great deal, our budtenders are here to provide knowledge and personal recommendations. Customer service is our top priority.

About Us

HAZE is a San Jose Medical Marijuana Dispensary


Founded in 2011, HAZE provides safe access to the finest marijuana products in the industry. Voted best dispensary in Northern California, HAZE operates in full compliance with California Proposition 215. They carry designer cannabis products from leading marijuana vendors including Guild Extracts, Bloom Farms, and Kiva and accept cash with an ATM on site.


HAZE’s team of cannabis cultivators have been recognized for growing award-winning strains and have been recognized at Hempcon for Blackberry Fire winning Best Indica. San Jose medical marijuana patients who do not have access to dispensary quality meds, look no further! HAZE will be offering a delivery service catering to patients in the surrounding San Jose cannabis community.



HAZE employs friendly cannabis professionals who are passionate about the marijuana industry. The HAZE dispensary team is trained to assist San Jose cannabis patients find the most effective marijuana products. They personalize every experience and create an inviting atmosphere for medical marijuana patients to comfortably browse. San Jose medical cannabis patients with questions can contact the HAZE dispensary staff.



HAZE offers a menu of top-tier meds including professionally cultivated cannabis strains like Jack Herer, Granimals and Super Goo. Their massive inventory of concentrates includes extracts from 710 Labs, Raw Garden, Humboldt Terp Council, and Jetty. HAZE specializes in topicals and offers a soothing extra-strength pain relief Dr.Kerklaan Cream and Papa and Barkley Cream exclusive for all patients. They offer an inventory of cannabis-infused baked goods and beverages as well as capsules and tinctures. For discreet medicating options, San Jose marijuana users can find a variety of vape cartridges in strain specific formulas or pick up a top-shelf preroll. HAZE carries a large inventory of superior cannabis products and offers glass pipes, vape batteries, and torches for smoother tokes.


Service Locations

HAZE is a marijuana dispensary located on Smith and Phelan in Downtown San Jose, California. They provide parking to cannabis patients in San Jose, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, and Cupertino. HAZE also dispenses marijuana products to medical cannabis patients in Seven Trees, Valle Vista, Evergreen, and Twin Creeks.


Location Information


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    Available to most South bay/San Jose zip codes. ($75 to $125 pre-tax order minimum depending upon your zip code)

    State License

    Microbusiness: C12-0000183-LIC

    1761 Smith Ave,San Jose, California 95112, U.S.
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