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Parma Twp, US


Debit card readers available for your convenience! There is a $3 debit card fee.

To place an online order or to view our most accurate menu, visit our website (listed up above the introduction). All discounts and deals will be applied in store. If you need help navigating our online ordering, give us a call!

If you would like to receive curbside service, call us when you arrive in our parking lot and we’ll send the next available employee out to you! Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

We are no longer accepting expired IDs per Michigan’s updated requirements

*We offer discounts to students, veterans, senior citizens, cancer patients, out-of-state customers, and to people with a disability.*

Read below to learn more about our Recreational Daily and Weekly Deals:

Recreational Daily Deals: *While products are available*

Recreational Cartridge Deals:

1. 3/$100 Stiiizy 1g Pods

2. 3/$100 Church 1g Carts

3. 3/$100 Select 1g Carts

4.3/$100 Mary’s 1g Carts

5.3/$90 Double Bear 1g Carts

6. 3/$90 Platinum Vape

Recreational Concentrates Deals:

1. 2/$100 Humblebee Con.

2. 2/$90 White Pine Con.

3. 3/$90 LivWell Con.

4. 3/$100 Cannalicious Shatter

5. 3/$90 Double Bear Con.

Recreational Pre-Roll Deals

1. 2/$14 Half-Gram Pre-Rolls

2. 5/$25 Kinship Pre-Rolls

Recreational Edible Deals

1. 2/$25 Wana THC Gummies

2. 2/$35 Wana 1:1 Gummies

3. 2/$35 Wana 2:1 Gummies

4. 2/$20 True North Gummies

5. 2/$30 Kiva Chocolate Bars

6. 2/$30 Terra Bites

7. 3/$120 Six Labs R.S.O.

Recreational Topicals/Tincture Deals

1. 2/$70 Michigan Organic Rub

2. 2/$20 Mary’s Patches

3. 2/$70 Mary’s 1:1 Compound

4. 2/$70 Mary’s THC Tincture

Recreational Flower Deals

1. 2/$80 Candela Pre-Packed 8ths

*deals and discounts may not be combined*

About Us

Welcome! We’re Kinship. A family of like-minded people who came together because we saw a way we could do some good in our communities. As experienced cultivators and providers, we understand the profound benefits cannabis can bring to our lives– both as individuals and as a community. And we’re passionate about bringing those benefits to as many people as we can.

Kinship Cannabis Co is an Adult Use dispensary located in Parma Township about 80 miles West of Detroit, 50 miles West of Ann Arbor, and 50 miles East of Kalamazoo.

Debit card readers available for your convenience!


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    First-Time Customers

    All Customers: Receive 15% off total purchase .5g Kinship Pre-Roll for .01 Free Kinship Papers Free Kinship Lighter


    Debit card readers available for your convenience!

    For information on how to order online, read our “introduction” under the details section.

    State License

    Adult-Use Retail: AU-R-000157

    2199 N. Concord Rd.,Parma Twp, Michigan 49224, U.S.
    9:00 am - 9:00 pm
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    9:00 am - 9:00 pm
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