Mandy’s Sugar Shack

Cottage Grove, US


Mandy’s Sugar Shack is a Cottage Grove Cannabis Dispensary

“Dream the Life, Live the Dream”

At Mandy’s Sugar Shack wellness comes first, and their skilled staff is equipped to educate all who come through their doors. Their cannabis dispensary was established by a young woman dedicated to delivering holistic care, and today Mandy’s Sugar Shack is owned and operated by the same family. Their family invites the Cottage Grove cannabis community to “dream the life and live the dream.” 

About Us


Mandy’s Sugar Shack is predicated on the compassion and love of a late, phenomenally talented, herbalist. Cottage Grove customers have access to a level of knowledge in cannabis that is unlike most dispensaries. Mandy had a big heart for humanity and an old soul, she began studying cannabis and other herbal remedies in her early 20s and started treating people with various illnesses. Folks who hadn’t left their home in ages or were dependant on prescriptions saw their ailments ease under her care. When her father was beginning to lose eyesight due to Glaucoma, she promised promptly, “Dad, I’m gonna fix this for you.” He got his medical marijuana card, and they hatched a plan for his treatment. During his treatment, the pair began working together on creating an organic cannabis farm. They grew their flowers in dirt, with organic nutrients, and only used top-shelf strains. Mandy taught her father genetics, and she mapped out the genetic structure of what she wanted to cultivate in the future. On November of 2011, tragedy struck, and the world lost who a woman who had the sweetest soul in this industry. The quality of so many lives were enhanced by her work, and to this day Mandy’s parents carry out her legacy of healing and compassion. “We’re just doing what we are supposed to,” says Mandy’s mother, Diana. And with the genetic roadmap Mandy left behind, Mandy’s parents are proud to help Cottage Grove patients aspire for higher wellness and achieve the life they dreamed.


The Cottage Grove cannabis community has the opportunity to experience a pedigree of cannabis specially crafted in organic conditions by a talented herbalist. The menu at Mandy’s Sugar Shack offers something for everyone. This dispensary carries a vast selection of premium cannabis products, including flowers genetically engineered for maximum holistic benefit. Check out their prepackaged line of organic cannabis including Mandy’s Blue Turtle Diesel, Grandpa’s Ice, and Love Potion #9, to name a few. Mandy’s Sugar Shack also presents a vast selection of concentrates that would entice any 710 enthusiast. They offer distillate cartridges, Live Resin, Snap and Pull, Crumble and so much more. Need edibles? Mandy’s Sugar Shack has you covered! They offer everything from tinctures that allow customers to choose what foods to medicate to delicious cannabis-infused treats that deliver potent relief. Those in Cottage Grove who need to treat a specific area can find the perfect topical to soothe their pains. And Mandy’s Sugar Shack also offers a mound of prerolls, available in each of Mandy’s specially engineered strains. No matter the needs or level of knowledge, Mandy’s Sugar Shack is overjoyed to educate Cottage Grove customers and connect them with cannabis products to enhance their life and wellness.

Service Locations

Mandy’s Sugar Shack invites the cannabis community throughout Lane County to find the products they need at their dispensary. Mandy’s Sugar Shack is eager to assist those from Walden, Latham, and Saginaw. Folks from Walker, Veatch, and Creswell are welcomed to look through their menu of organic cannabis. Their dispensary staff would love to provide their knowledge and premium cannabis to Wildwood, Dorena, and Culp Creek cannabis community. 

Location Information

Cottage Grove is a town in Lane County, Oregon nested due south of Eugene. It is home to Bohemia Park, a 14-acre multi use park that includes an amphitheater with seating for up to 2,000 people. It features picnic shelters, a scenic walking trail, and a 3-acre pond. Check out Chambers Railroad Bridge the last covered bridge in the state of Oregon, and possibly the last on this side of the Mississippi. Cast your lines and catch some rainbow trout at Row River Nature Park, the perfect place to take a stroll and observe nature.



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