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Remedy Baltimore is on a mission to seek out the best cannabis medicine for our patients, educate them on its use, and provide it in a safe and friendly dispensary environment at a fair and equitable price. Remedy welcomes qualified medical cannabis patients from all Maryland regions. Remedy Baltimore looks forward to providing natural, sustained relief through the healing powers of medical cannabis.

About Us

Our founder, Robert M. Duggan, established the first acupuncture and alternative medicine school in Columbia, Maryland when acupuncture was legal in only two states nationwide. Because of his work (and the work of others like him), today, acupuncture and herbal medicine are widely accepted and recognized in North America (and beyond).

Cannabis in 2022 is much like acupuncture was when Bob Duggan crisscrossed the globe to bring understanding and legitimacy to natural healing. Unfortunately, cannabis is a stigmatized plant, despite its growing acceptance and legality, but, like our founder, we believe knowledge is healing, so we’re committed to providing education and exceptional products so you can realize the genuine benefits of this natural medicine

The Best Prices & Inventory in Maryland!

Collaborating with the best, lab-tested cannabis cultivators and producers in the state, Remedy carries a diverse menu of cannabis therapies for our patients. Remedy flowers, concentrates, pre-loaded vape cartridges, tinctures, lozenges, topicals, and a curated collection of paraphernalia. As more growers and processors come online, Remedy looks forward to expanding its menu, offering our patients a robust, all-service selection of medical cannabis products. We offer discounts for veterans, seniors, and industry employees (cannot combine discounts) and look forward to connecting with customers over the phone, email, social media Walk-ins are welcome and one-on-one consultations are available.



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    First-Time Patients

    Enjoy 25% off regular-priced products! We give Maryland Medical Cannabis New Patients up to $200 in credit (distributed across five visits) when they show an MMCC doctor’s receipt within 30-days of certification.

    *Cannot combine discounts


    Veterans 22% Off

    Seniors 10% Off

    Industry 20% Off

    First Time Patients 25% Off


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