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Sapura was born out of our love for the cannabis plant and our respect for her mysteries. Through art, culture and, of course cannabis, we’re here to reconnect people with our shared history of plant-based healing and very good times.

About Us

January Deals!


$100 70g Sapura Sacks (2.5 ounces of flower!)

$10 Bulk Eighths

$50-60 Tier 3 Ounces *When Available*

$80 Tier 2 Ounces

$100 Tier 1 Ounces

$50, 2/$80 Shake Ounces

$20 Moonrocks 1g

$60 Strane Lemon Ice 14g


5/$20 Cali-Blaze, Detroit Dope PR 1g

5/$25 Harbor Farmz PR 1g

$12 Featured Farms Infused PR .5g 2pk

$20 CannaBee Space Rock Caviar PR 1.1g

2/$18 Cali Blaze Flavored Infused PR 1g

$12 Live Resinator PR 1.2g

$15 Noble Road Live Rosin PR 1.2g

$20 Candela Live Rosin PR 1.5g

$10 Hy-R Infused PR 1g


5/$20 Choice, Hype Gummies 100mg

5/$20 Harbor Farmz Sugar Shots 50mg

5/$25 Mitten, MKX Gummies 100mg

2/$20 Wana Gummies 100mg or $20 200mg

2/$25 Wana Quick-Acting Gummies 100mg

2/$20 200mg Gummies (Excluding Wyld, Wana and Camino)

2/$20 Quantum/Quicky Gummies 100mg


6/$100 Cured/Live Resin Carts 1g (Pyramid, Kind, High Supply)

4/$100 Distillate Carts/Pods 1g (Claw, Select, The Clear)

7/$100 Distillate Carts 1g (Mitten, Strane, True North)

8/$100 Distillate Carts (Monster, PC Pure, Oasis, 4Score)

10/$100 Distillate Carts (MKX, Social Vape)

4/$100 BREEZE Chill Disposables 1g

3/$100 BREEZE LR Disposables 1g

4/$100 Kind Smokes Disposables 1g

5/$100 UBaked Disposables 1g

3/$100 Stiiizy Pods 1g

5/$100 Light Sky Farms LR 0.5g

2/$55 Sesh Carts 2g


5/$100 High Supply Concentrates 1g

4/$100 Cannabee Live Concentrates 1g

6/$100Cannabee Cured Concentrates 1g

5/$100 Monster Concentrates 1g

$80 Element 3.5g Jars

5/$50 Light Sky Farms Cured Resin 1g

All price adjustments will be added in-store.

*More Deals and Great Prices to be Found In-Store, Come Experience Sapura!*

*We also match ALL deals within a 15 mile radius of Coldwater*

We know you have options when it comes to buying cannabis. So why shop with us? Because “Cannabis Your Way” isn’t just a catchy slogan, it’s how we roll!

Yeah, we’ve got sales and daily deals, just like everyone else. And it’s cool if that’s what you’re after. There’s a lot to be said for scoring the highest TAC flower at the lowest price in the city. Sign up to become an Insider and we’ll keep you in the loop.

Looking to get in and out fast and easy while you’re at it? Then shop online from our full menu of high quality, pre-packaged products. Our express in-store or curbside pickup for online orders will get you back to whatever you’re into in no time!

But, maybe you have questions and don’t know where to begin. Or you’re familiar with the plant but searching for a personalized experience. Either way, come on in and make yourself comfortable. Our highly trained Budtenders love talking about cannabis and they’ll always take the time to find what you’re after.

So cruise in for a no hassle score or let us weigh out the nugs of your choice at our deli-style counter while we suggest which edibles to pair them with. No matter the path, let Sapura be your guide!


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