STIIIZY Suisun City

Suisun City, US


Visit STIIIZY, the first cannabis dispensary to come to Suisun City! We offer gluten-free edibles, pre-rolls, live resin diamonds, and more products in your budget.




*Last Call: 10 minutes before closing for returning customers & 15 minutes for new customers! No exceptions!


*ID’S: 21 and over: Valid ID must be present. Age 18-20: Must have Medical California Recommendation with Valid Government issued ID. No expired ID’s will be accepted! No exceptions!


*Pick Up Orders: Please bring Valid ID to pick up an order. Fulfilled orders will have a 4 hour wait limit before being returned to the shelf.


*Reward Points: For every $100 you spend, you gain $1 into your store credit bank! Accrue those credits to apply towards any purchase!


*Referrals: Returning Customers can bring referrals for $3 off your next purchase!


*Returns and Exchanges: All sales are final. No returns or exchanges unless items are deemed defective by the management of the store where the purchase was made within 7 days of purchase. All defective items must be surrendered in its original packaging. Products that are not brought in with its original packaging will not be honored with an exchange. Thank you.

About Us

STIIIZY Suisun City is the first cannabis dispensary ever in Solano County and opened on August 7, 2021. It’s conveniently located off Highway 12 as well as Dwight D. Eisenhower Hwy (I-80) at 521 Railroad Ave, Suisun City, CA 94585, about an hour north of San Francisco. This 3,661-square-foot Suisun City dispensary is the fourth Northern California STIIIZY weed store between San Francisco and Sacramento. 

STIIIZY Suisun City serves weed products to many communities, such as Tolenas, Fairfield, Vacaville Junction, Cannon, Mankas Corner, Russell, Danielson, Green Valley, and beyond. There are also many parks within close proximity, including Lawler Ranch Park, Allen Witt Park, Tolenas Park, Dover Park, and Laurel Creek Park.

In each of our STIIIZY dispensary locations, we proudly display a unique mural wall that sets the tone for the whole cannabis shopping experience. Our dispensary in Suisun City did something a little different from the other locations—it has a sticker-inspired wall mural—one that creates a fun, festive atmosphere for customers and staff.

As the premier cannabis store to open in Suisun City, we’ve been able to carry on STIIIZY’s ability to transform the industry to this great community. Read more about how we’re evolving the way you smoke.


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    Each week, we team up with our partners to provide you with special product deals and discounts.

    State License

    Adult-Use Retail: C10-0000848-LIC

    521 Railroad Ave.,Suisun City, California 94585, U.S.
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