Substance – Southside

Bend, US


Bend’s Favorite Community Dispensary

We represent fantastic brands from around the region and around the state. With 3 stores in Bend, we can provide the best array of products, at the best prices, all the time, and all around the town. 

About Us

Substance is a Bend Recreational Marijuana Dispensary

Substance is a community dispensary that provides safe access to recreational and medical marijuana in a judgement-free environment. We strive to interact consciously and thoughtfully with everyone in our community. Substance wants our clients and staff to feel cared for, to be recognized as important members of society, and to leave our facility inspired to be positive ambassadors for cannabis.

We are a comfortable, safe, consultative place to access medicine that has been stigmatized and criminalized for ages. Patients have been self-medicating in isolation, feeling guilt and shame, for much of their lives. We intend to change patients’ perception of their own relationship to cannabis, and to change the community’s perspective of this misunderstood plant.

We strive to operate in a model that is based upon compassion and legal integrity. Substance operates in strict compliance with the letter and the spirit of Oregon’s medical cannabis laws. 

Service Locations

Substance sits between NE Empire Avenue and Hwy 97 — in the same building and parking lot as Jimmy Jon’s sandwich shop. The property offers ample parking and the team is happy to service cannabis consumers in Bend, Boyd Acres, Tumalo, Deschutes, Powell Butte, Alfalfa, Redmond, Prineville, Sisters and Madras. 


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    There’s fresh product arriving daily, and specials constantly on rotation.

    61406 S Hwy 97,Bend, Oregon 97702, U.S.
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    10:00 am - 10:00 pm
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