The Budologist



Choctaw, US


Daily Specials:

10 for $100* – Sooner Glue Sugars.

10 for $100* – Halo Concentrates.

7 for $100* – Sooner Glue Live Resins.

4 for $100* – Sooner Glue Live Resin Carts.

6 for $100* – Sunday Extracts Distillate Carts.

4 for $110* – Sunday Extracts Live & Cured Resin Bellos 1g


7 for $100* – Sunday Extracts Concentrates.

5 for $100* – Sunday Extracts Live Resin Concentrates.

6 for $100* – Ice Cube and all Caviar Gold Prerolls.

5 for $20* – Graves / The Pharside Prerolls.

3 for $20* – Zenoa Prerolls.

$30* Ounce Specials: LSD. Jealousy. Lamb’s Breath. Ice Cream Cake. AK-47. Sugar Candy. Zkittles.

$100* Ounce Specials: Cindy’s Lemon Diesel.

$120* Ounce Specials: Point Break. Cowboy Kush. Candy Kong.

$15* Ounce Special or 2 for $25* on Shake.

100 mg Single Dose $6*.

1000 mg Gummies $20*.

1000 mg Chocolate Bars $25*.

Ganja Gummies 1000 mg 2 for $60*.

2000 mg Gummies $30*.


* Out The Door (OTD) Price!



Zenoa: Pressure. Motor Breath. Gary Payton. Kush Mints. Mac Flurry. Dolato. Ice Cream Cake. Superboof. GMO.

Well Rooted Genetics: Italian Soda.

Craft Cultivana: Lava Cake. Platinum Punch.

Resonant Cultivation: Black Orange. Black Marshmallow.

Jubel Exotics: Jigglers #17. Lemonge.

Kind Origin: Orange Slurpee. Platinum GG. Donkey Butter #9.

The Laughing Goat: NY Sour Diesel.

Drago. Banana Ice Pop. Truffle Cake. Pound Cake.

Watermelon Zum Zum. Dosi Killer.

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Price Match Guarantee on advertised products/vendor within a 4 mile radius.

About Us

The Budologist is a family owned and operated medical marijuana dispensary in Choctaw, Oklahoma.

Our mission is to provide the best service and products around. All products are lab tested to meet the highest standards possible.

Here at The Budologist, we are all about providing the best care for all our patients. You will be highly pleased with the quality products we carry.

Every strain that is in our Dispensary is true to the name. We will not carry strains that do not test according to their profiles!

You can be 100% confident that you are purchasing exactly what is listed.

We have testing paperwork for all the products in our facility and will be happy to provide upon request during your visit.

We carry everything you will need to get your day or night started right.

Come by for a new, clean feel to the medical marijuana industry!

We are a proud sponsor of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol.

We are a proud sponsor of the Oklahoma Reserve Law Officers Association.

We are a proud sponsor of the Special Olympics for Choctaw Middle School.



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    First-Time Patients

    Price Match Guarantee on same products/vendor within 4 mile radius.

    First time patients will receive 15% off their entire purchase.

    State License

    Medical Retail: DAAA-EYPP-OPKP

    14803 NE 23rd St #101,Choctaw, Oklahoma 73020, U.S.
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