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Keystones Shops are now Trulieve. A new name, but same values, and more relief. We continue to partner quality with connivence. We are a well recognized and community focused medical marijuana dispensary that’s been around since 2018. As one of the first dispensaries granted a license in PA, we continue to pioneer the natural reedy and holistic powers of medical marijuana.

About Us



When Pennsylvania legalized medical marijuana, a group of natives to the state came together with a common goal: advocate, educate, provide. Their team combined decades of marijuana industry, pharmaceutical knowledge, and medical professional experience to found Keystone Shops.


Each member of the team advocated for cannabis on a local and state level. In June of 2017 Keystone Shops became a proud recipient of one of Pennsylvania’s 27 dispensary permits — with a high-scoring application report card. In early 2018, Keystone Shops opened their dispensary doors for the first time and allowed patients to explore the therapeutic benefits of medical marijuana.


Keystone Shops feels privileged to provide medical marijuana to patients in Devon and beyond with alternative relief. Their dispensary team is thrilled to be invited to aid medical marijuana patients in Pennsylvania and will do everything possible to equip individuals with safe and informational cannabis care.



Keystone Shops’ dispensary prioritizes patient service and education. Their team of highly knowledgeable and compassionate dispensary technicians listens to each patient’s unique questions and concerns and addresses them with the highest standard of care and knowledgeability. The dispensary technician team provides an open forum for all questions and concerns relating to medical marijuana and patient needs. Keystone Shops also hosts educational events and lectures to inform their community about all things medical marijuana and how to become a part of the PA MMJ program.  Additionally, Keystone Shops is working to be a part of Centers of Excellence for specific conditions such as autism and seizure disorders, as well as work with local nonprofits to raise awareness and funds for disease treatment. More than anything, Keystone Shops cares about their patients’ experience from beginning to end. 




Keystone Shops’ menu features a diverse array of Pennsylvania’s best quality cannabis products sourced from Pennsylvania based grower/processors. Every product selected undergos state-mandated lab testing twice before arriving on Keystone’s shelves.  Their facility features a full range of marijuana products such as pills, dry leaf, vaporizer cartridges, tinctures, concentrates, topicals, and ingestible oils. Patients can also browse through their selection of ancillaries to assist with medicine use. Keystone Shops focuses on offering the highest quality of whatever cannabis therapies are available and plan on customizing their stock to suit the needs of their patients. 


Keystone Shops accepts both cash and debit card payments. They provide discounts for veterans, seniors, and first time patients, as well as daily and weekly deals and discounts. Keystone also intends to create a loyalty program for repeat customers, and a private consultation room is always available for patients seeking confidential assistance from one of the onsite medical professionals. 


Service Locations:

Keystone Shops’ Devon facility welcomes medical marijuana patients throughout Devon, the surrounding Main Line area, and surrounding cities. Residents of Berwyn, Strafford, Wayne, and Ithan are invited to explore Keystone Shops’ cannabis-based relief. Their dispensary caters to Chesterbrook, Saint Davids, Wyola, and Whitehorse Farm’s patients. Visitors may travel from Valley Forge, Radnor, Villanova and Newton Square to explore Keystone’s marijuana products. From West Philadelphia and throughout the city’s suburbs, Keystone Shops looks forward to providing patients with lasting, alternative relief.


Location Information:


Devon is a neighborhood in the Easttown Township of Pennsylvania’s Chester County. The suburban area is home to the Jenkins Arboretum, with wide varieties of native plants and collected flower species as well as the internationally recognized Devon Horse Show. The nearby Wilson Farm Park features sports fields and walking trails for outdoor lovers to enjoy. The larger Valley Forge National Historical Park showcases the historic site of the Revolutionary War battle. Further north, the King of Prussia Mall offers Devon residents shopping opportunities in the second largest mall in the United States.



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    First-Time Patients

    First Time patients save 20% on their first purchase. Be sure to bring your state ID and medical card.

    State License

    Medical Retail: D-1067-17 | 420 W Lancaster

    420 W Lancaster Ave,Devon, Pennsylvania 19333, U.S.
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