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Committed to improving the gamut of human health, Ultra Health’s mission is to help patients in Santa Fe, New Mexico achieve their best quality of life through the benefits of medical cannabis. Involved with every aspect of medical marijuana from production and education to advocating, Ultra Health’s drive is to aid their patients with the highest quality of medicine and to champion the medical properties of cannabis into the forefront of medicine in Santa Fe. History: Ultra Health’s existence rose out of a passionate interest to help patients in need of medical cannabis while partnering with multiple Native American tribal nations in the New Mexico area. The founders of Ultra Health observed that many Native American tribes, in addition to the negative history surrounding U.S. and Tribal relations, many of their populations had problems with prescription opioids and alcohol. As a way of giving back, Ultra Health has teamed up with a number of tribes to stimulate their economy and to treat patients there and throughout New Mexico state. Since first opening their dispensary doors in late 2015, Ultra Health now operates seven separate facilities throughout New Mexico, with plans for expansion as the patient need for medical marijuana becomes more prevalent. Staff: The team at Ultra Health works hard to help their patients achieve an all-encompassing state of wellness. Their Santa Fe dispensary is staffed with knowledgeable and friendly individuals who take the time to treat each person as a patient, not just a customer. Aiming to provide the highest quality and most effective medicine to their patients, they work with each person to find out their needs and discover what strain will best help their condition while offering numerous educational resources to spread medical cannabis awareness. Menu: Receptive to Santa Fe patient’s needs and requests, Ultra Health’s marijuana menu is constantly changing so as to provide a robust selection for the widest pool of patients and to meet every need they can. They produce most of their flower at their state-of-the-art greenhouse in New Mexico and carry many brands of edibles, concentrates, vape cartridges and topicals. Ultra Health also boasts a comprehensive high-CBD menu, with Charlotte’s Web and CBD water as two popular items, along with their supply of consumption accessories. Every marijuana product is tested and registered in New Mexico’s state traceability system. Ultra Health currently accepts cash only and provides discounts to both veterans and seniors along with a number of daily deals throughout the week. Their locations in Santa Fe and throughout the state are all available by telephone to respond to patient concerns, and if a call doesn’t connect someone at corporate will pick up and answer any questions. Their facilities are all handicap accessible with great parking. Service Locations: With seven offices throughout New Mexico, Ultra Health’s Santa Fe location is committed to providing the best medicine for its patients. They are proud to serve the Santa Fe, Seton Village, Eldorado, La Cienega, Glorieta, Tesuque, Kewa Pueblo, Pojoaque, White Work, Los Alamos, Rociada, and Montezuma communities. Location Information: Santa Fe, the capital of New Mexico, lies in the foothills of Sangre de Cristo, just off the 285 freeway. A historic city with pueblo-style architecture, it is home to the historic San Miguel Mission, Loretta Chapel, and Palace of the Governors Museum. The Georgia O’Keeffe Museum also makes its home here, while the Cross of the Martyrs and Santa Fe National Cemetery are vast areas of historical nature and landmarks. Santa Fe lies southeast of the Valles Caldera National Preserve and the Bandelier National Monument and due west of Thompson Peak, and Ultra Health welcomes patients from any place in between.


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