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On a mission to champion medical marijuana to the forefront of clinical medicine, Ultra Health Silver City is committed to providing the highest quality medical marijuana to any patient in need in New Mexico. Strong advocates for legality and sticklers for details, Ultra Health strives to provide the best holistic care to their patients today and in the future. History: The founders of Ultra Health began with a strong interest in providing medical cannabis not only to patients in New Mexico but working with Native American tribes to do so. In addition to the years of negative history between the United States and tribal nations, the founders observed that many tribe members dealt with prescription opioid addiction and alcoholism. As part of their mission to give back and be an upstanding member of their communities, Ultra Health partnered with many tribes in New Mexico to provide medicine to those in and outside of their groups, with a percentage of sales used to help stimulate their economies. After opening their first dispensary in late 2015, Ultra Health now serves patients from nine locations in New Mexico (including Silver City), with plans in the works to expand into more rural areas. Staff: At Ultra Health in Silver City, every staff member is dedicated to helping patients achieve their ultimate wellness goals. They take the time to consult with each patient, getting to the root of their ailments and helping them find the best strain or consumption method for their needs and lifestyle. The Ultra Health team is courteous, friendly and very knowledgeable on a variety of cannabis-related concerns, and when a patient visits, they’ll feel like they’re part of the family. Menu: With a constantly changing selection, Ultra Health listens to patient needs and requests and works hard to keep their selection as versitile and robust as possible. Their state-of-the-art facility produces high-quality in-house flowers in many strains, in addition to their range of concentrates, edibles, and topical brands. They also carry a plentiful selection of Panaxia Phamaceuticals, in addition to their stock of accessories and memorabilia. While currently acceptimg cash and debit cards, Ultra Health is proud to provide 10% discounts to senior and veteran patients. As well as, providing a rotation of daily deals.They have ample parking, with handicap access at their Silver City location.

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    First time patients receive a free preroll, cookie, or lollipop with first purchase.


    Medible Mondays & Thursdays! $3 off all edibles; $12 a gram Tuesdays! and 30% off all Panaxia products; Wax Wednesdays! $5 off 1/2 grams & $10 off 1 gram, $5 off Cartridges; Flower Friday and Saturday! All strains $10 a gram; Preroll Sunday! $9

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    Medical Retail: CCD-2021-0008-014Adult-Use Retail: CCD-2021-0008-014

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