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About Us

Urban Farmer is a Missoula Medical Marijuana Dispensary


Urban Farmer is ecstatic to serve cannabis in Missoula and beyond with finely crafted small batch cannabis. With an excellent strain selection and welcoming dispensary atmosphere, Urban Farmer connects individuals with lasting cannabis relief and an improved overall quality of life.



The founders of Urban Farmer carry many years experience helping Montana patients achieve wellness through medical marijuana. Before Montana’s regulations shifted, they excelled with connecting to patients and teaching them about cannabis’ benefit. When the law changed in 2011, they closed their first shop. The founding team went their separate ways to Oregon and Colorado to learn all about these more established medical cannabis markets. When Montana passed the voter initiative to bring marijuana back online, the founding team knew their time had come. Bringing all their newfound knowledge and years of success aiding cannabis patients. Now with the passing of adult use recreational cannabis laws, Urban Farmer is poised to bring a professional, concierge-level of service to cannabis enthusiasts and eradicate the stigma of cannabis once and for all.



Urban Farmer’s top priority is the experience of the customer. Their dispensary atmosphere is sleek and professional, with an open floor plan that offers plenty of room and space to explore their cannabis.


The growers of Urban Farmer won Missoula’s choice award for best medical marijuana in 2011. All these years later, their growing techniques have only improved. Urban Farmer masters their growing process to provide a dozen flower strains, several edibles, and concentrates to their Missoula medical marijuana patients. Their dispensary team specializes in flower, with cultivars like Cherry Pie, Presidential OG, and J1 among their personal favorites. Soon Urban Farmer will over vape cartridges filled with CO2-extracted cannabis oil. All medical marijuana products are lab tested with Fidelity Diagnostics for quality assurance.


Currently, Urban Farmer accepts cash only and offers first-time patients $100 in store credit upon sign up. Seniors and veterans receive 10% off every purchase, and Urban Farmer encourages Missoula customers to reach out on Facebook, Instagram, email, or their phone number with any questions. As a case-by-case service, they offer medical marijuana delivery to homebound patients within Missoula.


Service Locations:

Urban Farmer serves patients out of Missoula, Montana, located in the heart of the city. Their delivery drivers will happily serve any patient residents of Missoula, including Rose Park, Moose Can Gully, Orchard Homes, and Westside. Patients in Northside, Lower Rattlesnake, East Missoula and Westview Park can safely access Urban Farmer’s cannabis relief. Whether patients travel from Wye, Nagos, Piltzville or Bonner-West Riverside, they’ll find lasting medical marijuana care at Urban Farmer.


Location Information:

Missoula, Montana stands in the western region of the state, in the foothills of Mount Jumbo and Mount Sentinel. The city is home to the University of Montana-Missoula, with a large M established on its hillside. The Clark Fork River flows through the center of the city, offering riverside views at Caras Park and the K Williams Natural Trail Area. The Missoula Art Museum features contemporary and international artwork, while the Historical Museum at Fort Missoula features local historical buildings and restorations.



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    10% off for valid medical card holders, seniors, vets, firefighters, and EMTs. Leave us a review on Weedmaps and receive a free pre-roll.

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    Adult-Use Retail: D-100313Medical Retail: D-00030

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