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Guides | 04.09.2022

10 Playlists On Spotify For Your Stoner Library

Discover new and addictive tunes with these Spotify playlists.

The Intro

Photo courtesy of Contraband

Music is the best way to set the mood for a sesh. A dope intro playlist is vital to make it the coolest moment it can be. Contraband got your back in this matter and created The Intro playlist for you. After clicking here, you will get one hour and a half of the true OG ‘90s and early 2000s rap. So turn up the music and light up the weed.

Cannabis brand Contraband knows how much fun it is to have a smoke while listening to good music. They are heavily influenced by it, and so are many cannabis lovers. Considering they are cannabis and music lovers, you can be sure they chose the best songs for this playlist.

Listening to a great playlist deserves smoking great buds. So, if you are in Ontario, try their CNDYLND strain. This Sativa strain has an amazing THC concentration of between 22% to 28%. Smoking this strain while listening to The Intro creates an entourage effect that announces a memorable sesh.

Connect with Contraband on their Instagram to learn more.

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Photo courtesy of Rap Caviar

If only there was a playlist that featured the most recent and fire hip-hop and was updated every week. Look no further because RapCaviar has you hip-hop-heads covered.

Listen here.

Most Necessary

Photo courtesy of Most Necessary

This playlist is almost a prediction of the future’s top acts. Its tunes help you get ahead of the curve with a sonic snapshot of the present and future culture.

Listen here.

Anti Pop

Photo courtesy of Anti Pop

Modern hip-hop and r&b artists like Jessie Reyez, ROLE MODEL, and MCs like Kevin Abstract and Ruch Brian are found on this playlist. It features a variety of infectious tunes you can’t get enough of.

Listen here.

Get Turnt

Photo courtesy of Get Turnt

With a self-explanatory name, we’re sure you’ll find some fan favorites for your next party or simply turning up in the comfort of your own home.

Listen here.

Pigeons And Planes

Photo courtesy of Pigeons and Planes

This is another constantly updated playlist that focuses on music from all genres. The playlist offers the freshest mix of artists and sounds with addictive songs each week.

Listen here.

Bedroom Pop

Photo courtesy of Bedroom Pop

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a variety of homegrown pop musicians take the industry by storm. This playlist offers the superb vibe of acts like Clairo and Gus Dapperton alongside newcomers like Will Davila and Brad Stank.

Listen here.

Cali Fire

Photo courtesy of Cali Fire

Home of California’s fire (no, not the wildfires), this playlist offers the burning hot tracks from Cali-based artists like Vince Staples, Kendrick Lamar, and other staples.

Listen here.

Sad Indie

Photo courtesy of Sad Indie

We’ve all cried to a sad indie song at one point or another. This playlist offers staple acts like Bon Iver and Lord Huron to clutch your soul and be a shoulder to cry on.

Listen here.

Mellow Bars

Photo courtesy of Mellow Bars

Another self-explanatory name, if you’re looking for something more chill and downtempo, Mellow Bars is the perfect playlist to bump. From BROCKHAMPTON to Valee, we’re sure you’ll fall into bliss.

Listen here.

Fresh Finds

Photo courtesy of Fresh Finds

The latest playlist that helps music lovers discover new artists and addicting songs. It offers everything from r&b and lo-fi psych-rock to exciting electronica.

Listen here.

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