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10 Things To Do While You’re High In The Silicon Valley Of Canada: Waterloo

New to Waterloo? Follow this guide for an epic stoner's day trip.

While you might not have heard of Waterloo, Ontario, it’s home to over 1,100 new startup tech businesses, and with the exception of Silicon Valley, California, Waterloo has the highest startup density of any region on the planet, according to Team Pinto Blog. The region was the birthplace of BlackBerry, and it’s truly the place to be for tech workers, as it’s also home to Google’s Waterloo Office. Next time you’re in Waterloo, here are ten things to do when stoned in the Silicon Valley of Canada.

Visit A Local Cannabis Dispensary: Happy Leaf Cannabis

Photos by Anelo Calligraphy for Happy Leaf Cannabis

Location: #112-308 Lester Street, Waterloo, ON

Between Wilfred Laurier University and the University of Waterloo,  in the heart of Waterloo’s student community, lies a family and friend owned and operated cannabis retail store, Happy Leaf Cannabis.

One night during the pandemic, a small group of family and friends got together and talked about how fast the world changed. They asked each other if they were happy. They realized that happiness wasn’t something you could go out and find, you had to create it. Happiness is created when you’re in the presence of the people you love. Take that and mix it with their love, passion, and desire for cannabis, and Happy Leaf Cannabis was formed.

This cannabis retail store offers veterans, students, and musicians 10% off their products daily. Here, you can participate in a boutique-style shopping experience with carefully crafted menus to give you the complete Happy Leaf Cannabis experience. Happy Leaf Cannabis also offers curbside pickup and delivery services.

“We’re a family here. Front-line health care workers and a handful of local entrepreneurs with successful businesses in real estate, music/cannabis entertainment, and helpful community initiatives are where we’ve dedicated our time. Now, we want to dedicate our time to good people, people like you in our community.” says Victoria of Happy Leaf Cannabis.

With all these big corporate stores everywhere, it’s refreshing to see independent families chasing their dreams of being entrepreneurs, especially in such a growing industry. We’re certain that your experience at Happy Leaf Cannabis won’t be one to forget, as the staff is dedicated to adding their own flair and creative touch by supporting students and the arts.

You can view their full website and store menu here.

Have A Private Smoke Sesh At Silver Lake In Waterloo Park

Photo by Waterloo Park

Location: 100 Father David Bauer Dr, Waterloo, ON

One of the most peaceful places for me-time seshes in Waterloo is Silver Lake in Waterloo Park. Because this lake has an elevation of 328 meters, it offers stunning views of the city alongside the many paths for walkers and bikers to stroll by.

Tour Perimeter Institute - Learn About Space & Black Holes

Photo by Perimeter Institute

Location: 31 Caroline St N, Waterloo, ON

At Perimeter Institute, they offer various innovative programs to train the next generation of physicists and make breakthroughs that will transform the future of scientific research. Understand the universe a whole lot more at Perimeter Institute.

Visit 'The Cactus' For Some Authentic Mexican Food

Photo by The Cactus

Location: 465 Phillip St, Waterloo, ON

This family-run business is the go-to for authentic Mexican eats in Waterloo. You truly get a bang for your buck here, especially when trying some delicious favorites like the Enchiladas Verdes, Carne Asada, or the mouth-water Choriqueso appetizer.

A Stroll Through St. Jacobs Market For Local Vintage Finds

Photo by St. Jacobs

Location: 1360 King St N, St. Jacobs, ON (Waterloo)

St. Jacobs Market was established by eight farmers in 1975, and since then, the market has developed into a renowned flea and farmers market that supports local artists and artisans selling unique collectibles to share with the public.

Watch Some Live Music At Maxwell's

Photo by Maxwell’s

Location: 35 University Ave E, Waterloo, ON

Maxwell’s Concerts & Events is a licensed live music and special events venue in the heart of Waterloo, Ontario. This establishment is known to hold events from intimate gatherings to large concerts. Even better, Maxwell’s offers a customizable experience to parties of 100 to 700 guests. It’s the go-to place for live music in the city.

Tour The Tech Hub Of Waterloo

Photo by Google

Location: 51 Breithaupt St, Kitchener/Waterloo, ON

Like we mentioned earlier, Waterloo is the birthplace of what was the leading cellphone at one point, BlackBerry. The region is also home to Google’s Waterloo Regional Office, Shopify’s Waterloo Office, and OpenTech’s Waterloo Office. Tour the city and witness where these leading tech companies do the groundwork.

Try Some Infamous Canadian Poutine at Smoke's Poutinerie

Photo by Smokes Poutinerie

Location: 255 King St N #15, Waterloo, ON

Poutine was a Quebecois invention in the 1950s, and Smoke’s prides itself on taking those mouth-watering traditions to the max. The staff here are incredible and will make you feel at home. If you’re an American looking to try some renowned Canadian poutine, Smoke’s Poutinerie is by far your best bet.

Find Some Of The Coolest Cannabis Accessories The City Has To Offer

Photo by Uptown Herb

Location: #3 -56 King St N, Waterloo, ON

If you’re looking for some dope cannabis accessories, head over to Uptown Herb. Here, you can get your hands on some hot commodity products from notable brands Puffco, Dabrite, Mothership, Volcano, PAX, Santa Cruz, and more. This cannabis retail store is owned and operated by a local couple, Tom and Bre, who has extensive knowledge of cannabis products and accessories.

Visit CTRL V - A Virtual Reality Arcade

Photo by Ctrl-V

CTRL V is home to one of the most epic VR Escape Rooms worldwide, and they host various events for birthday parties, groups, and mobile experiences. The establishment makes clear that virtual reality is for everyone and wants to help newcomers familiarize themselves with the future of gaming.

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