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Guides | 04.28.2022

3 Ways To Use CBG Flower

There's a reason why CBG has been called the next big thing in cannabis. Created with Botany Farms.

CBG has the right balance between more known THC and CBD, meaning it has a significant energizing and focusing effect without the psychoactive qualities of tetrahydrocannabinol.

It can help calm symptoms born from anxiety and is a great way to enhance the experience with regular cannabis flower, causing something called the entourage effect. 

If you’re not exactly looking for the stronger combination, starting with CBD products is an easy gateway into CBG, since this last cannabinoid isn’t as popular as the previous one. There isn’t too much research on how it affects human subjects, but don’t worry, we can still say it’s safe for consumption.

Much like any other product that includes cannabinoids, we always recommend researching the brand and product you’re looking to acquire, to avoid any scammers or unnecessary, possibly harmful ingredients.

However, some companies are already commercializing CBG flower strains that have been third-party tested, such as Botany Farms, so we can safely say they’re the way to test out this compound. 

So, how can you take CBG? When is the right time to have a little smoke, to truly enjoy the effects of the mother of cannabinoids?

Here we have three situations that we think will help you understand and enjoy it best. 

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With Your Morning Coffee

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There’s nothing quite like taking the first sip of warm coffee in the morning. Something about taking the time to drink a caffeinated beverage feels like the right way to start the day.

So if that seems like your jam, if you can and enjoy having a cup of joe as soon as you wake up, try adding CBG flower into this routine. You can acquire Botany Farm’s CBG Flower, which has 15.4% CBG and will make it easier to stay focused and calm due to its origin in a sativa plant.

It also has a nutty, almost earthy flavor that pairs perfectly with coffee’s solid and bitter qualities. 

As An Afternoon Pick-Me-Up

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Don’t worry; it’s completely normal that you feel drowsier than usual after you’ve had a big lunch.

We all need different kinds of midday pick-me-ups, like an extra cup of caffeine of your choice (tea, coffee, maybe an energy drink), a smoke break, or even a nap.

The last one can be harder to achieve if you’re one of the unlucky ones that can’t do their work from home and simply close your eyes on your own couch for a couple of minutes, but the rest are more easily achieved.

As An Addition To THC Flower

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And finally, the one effect that we don’t recommend during working hours will involve psychoactive effects that could impede your productivity and get you in unnecessary trouble with your boss.

Remember when we mentioned the synergic combination of the side effects of THC and CBG?

The entourage effect is a fantastic way of experiencing the high with the best outcome, giving you the chance to feel the whole spectrum of positive feelings, both physical and mental, as long as it stays in your system.

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